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Motor State Distributing

8300 Lane Dr.
Watervliet MI 49098
Phone: 800-772-2678Phone: 800-772-2678Fax: 800-772-2618
Categories: Adhesives, All Weather Lubricant Spray, Aluminum Cleaners, Aluminum Cutting/Tapping Oil, Assembly Tools, Bearings (camshaft), Bearings (engine sleeve type), Bearings (main rear main), Bearings (Rod), Belt Tensioner/Idlers, Break-In Oil, Broken Bolt Extractors, Calipers, Cam Bearing Installation Tool, Camshaft Kits, Camshaft Seals, Camshaft Thrust Plate and Parts, Camshafts, Carbon & Paint Stripper, Chain Kits, Clamps, Cleaners General Use, Complete Engines, Component Part Coatings, Connecting Rod Gauges, Connecting Rods, Connecting Rods Nuts Bolts, Countersinks, Crankshaft Bags, Crankshaft Conversions, Crankshaft Kits, Crankshaft Oil Slingers, Crankshaft Pulley Sleeves, Crankshaft Repair Sleeves, Crankshaft Seals, Crankshafts, Cylinder Head Bags/Boxes, Cylinder Head Components, Cylinder Head Holders, Cylinder Head Polishing, Cylinder Head Porting, Cylinder Heads New: Aluminum Bare, Cylinder Heads New: Aluminum Complete, Cylinder Heads New: Cast Iron Bare, Cylinder Heads New: Cast Iron Complete, Cylinder Liners (sleeves), Degreasers, Diagnostic Tools, Dial Indicators, Die Tools, Dowel Pins, Dowel Pullers, Drills, Engine Additives, Engine Assembly Fluid/Prelube, Engine Bags, Engine Blocks, Engine Coolant, Engine Dollies, Engine Hoists, Engine Kits, Engine Lift Fixtures, Engine Mounts, Engine Oil, Engine Oil (Racing), Engine Pre-Lubricant, Engine Stands, Exhaust Components, Exhaust Components: Complete Systems, Feeler Gauges, Filters - Air, Filters - Fuel, Filters - Oil, Floor Cranes, Flush Solvent, Flywheel Assemblies, Freeze Plug Tool, Fuel System Components, Gasket Cement, Gasket Scrapers, Gaskets, Gauges, General Welding Equipment, Graphite Oil Spray, Grease, Grinders, Grinding Compounds, Hand Cleaners, Harmonic Balancer Repair Sleeves, Head/Block Crack Repair Kits, Heat Guns, Hex Shafts, Holding Fixtures, Honing Plates, Inspection Mirrors, Intake Manifolds, Keys, Leak Down Tester, Lockwashers, Lubricants, Main Caps (4-bolt), Manifold Studs, Mechanics Tools, Micrometers, MIG Welding Equipment, Moly Paste, Nuts and Bolts, Oil Coolers, Oil Filter Adapters, Oil Leak Detection, Oil Pans, Oil Pressure Springs, Oil Pump Kits, Oil Pump Screens, Oil Pump Shafts, Oil Pump Timing Covers, Oil Pumps, Oil Spray, Parts Cleaning Brushes, Penetrating Oil, Piston Pin Bushings, Piston Pin Lock Rings, Piston Pins, Piston Rings, Pistons, Plugs - Expansion, Plugs - Magnetic, Plugs - Oil Drain, Plugs - Standard, Pneumatic Tools, Polishers, Portable Air or Electric Hoists, Protective Covers/Containers, Pullers, Push Rod Guide Plates, Push Rods, Radiator/Oil Fans, Reamers and Special Tools, Rering Kits, Restoration Engine Parts, Returnable Engine/Core Cases, Ring Tools, Rocker Assemblies and Kits, Rocker Stud Girdles, Rod Bolt Protectors, Rod Vises, Rust Inhibitors, Rust Remover, Sanders, Seals, Serpentine Belts, Shims, Short Blocks, Silicone Spray, Soldering Tools, Spark Plugs, Spray Paints, Springs, Stands, Stud Pullers, Switches, Tappets, Taps, Test Equipment, Thickness Gauge, Thread Gauges, Thread Repair, Thrust Washers, TIG Welding Equipment, Timing Components, Timing Covers, Torque Plates, Vacuum Tester, Valve Covers, Valve Guide Hone, Valve Guide Reamer, Valve Guide Tool, Valve Keys, Valve Lifter Balls, Valve Lifters, Valve Locks and Seals, Valve Seat Inserts, Valve Spring Compressor, Valve Spring Inserts, Valve Spring Retainers, Valve Spring Testers, Valve Springs, Valve Stem Height Measuring, Valve Stem Oil Seals, Valve Train Parts, Valves, Water Pumps, Wire Brushes, Wrenches, Zinc Oil Additives

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