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Are You One of America’s Best Engine Shops?

Through a special online portal,, engine builders can nominate themselves or others can nominate engine building businesses for the award. A winner in each category – Race, Vintage and Diesel – will be chosen and recognized at an awards celebration before the PRI Show, in the pages of Engine Builder magazine and online at The question remains, are you one of America’s Best Engine Shops?

The Global Engine Builder

If we take a step back and look at our industry as a whole, it is international, and it very much is global. Our American cars have had an international supply chain for a long time and the global supply chain for our cars and trucks seems to be getting bigger every day.

Sensory Overload

The same way these races can overwhelm your senses, here at Engine Builder, we too are delivering content for all five senses! Well, maybe with the exception of taste.

A Fresh Start

April has been a bit of a whirlwind month for Engine Builder magazine and for me in particular.

And the Award Goes To…

As you’ll read on the next page and experience firsthand over the next few months, there have been some exciting changes recently at Babcox Media, Engine Builder’s parent company.

Photo Foie Gras

In today’s day and age of high-tech smart phones and their many capabilities – specifically how good the cameras on them are – there is no reason you shouldn’t be taking advantage of having them in your engine shop.

Submit Your Editorial Ideas

Every year I ask my team of writers – both in-house editors here in Akron, OH, as well as our contributors across the country – what topics we should be covering in our next year’s editorial package. This year, I’d like to expand the opportunity to you, the readers to influence the articles in our August 2019 issue. It’s your turn to take over the pages of Engine Builder magazine.

Have You Ever Had a Fantasy?

Be watching in mid-March for the launch of the 2019 Engine Builder Fantasy Engine Build. You will be able to pick from several build platforms (domestic performance, performance diesel and import) and then from over a dozen different product/parts categories to build your dream motor.

Engine Builder Team Is a Well-Oiled Machine

This time of year, the pressure is incredible. Put up or shut up. Leave it all out on the field. Insert your own dramatic cliche here.  No, I’m not talking about football, racing or any other sport – I’m talking about the pressure on a magazine editor to write the perfect end-of-the-year column. The stuff

Don’t Count Out The Classic Cruisers as Customers

People’s interests go in cycles. Right now the modern muscle cars and their fantastic engines are riding a screaming rocket to the stratosphere, with no end in sight. I am fascinated and admire the modern muscle. Being an NHRA tech official at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL, I get to see many of them

New Normal of Business Requires New Ideas

No matter how great you are at building engines, you may not be nearly so confident in your ability to build your business.

In Engine Building, Predictions Don’t Always Meet Reality

Here we go again. The fax machine will kill the mail system… TV will kill the radio… Movie rentals and streaming videos will kill the movie theaters… The above three statements were cited many times over the years, but strangely, none have them have even been remotely close to coming true. Every year the U.S.