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Building a Champion

We recently added three new members to the Engine Builders of the Year Hall of Fame during a reception prior to the 2017 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis.

How Did We Get Here?

Today, I am going to take you on a journey back in time to see what started this whole industry of rebuilding engines and what events made us who we are for what we do today.

The Go Kart Craze

The first ever “go kart” was built by Art Ingeles in late 1956. Art, who would later be referred to as the father of “karting,” was a veteran hot rodder who spent his days working for Kurtis Craft. Yep, the same Kurtis Craft of Indy car fame.

The Parts Sale Awakens

I have proposed five sales strategies based on successful businesses. But even these distant outposts have had to adjust to the new cyber-marketplace today.

Crystal Balls and Beer Glasses

Between SEMA and AAPEX in Las Vegas in November to the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis in December, the end of each year often gives us a chance to take a breath from the stress of the year’s engine building activities and start planning ahead.

335 Ford Engine is Still Alive

In the ‘80s I rebuilt a myriad of 335 Ford engines for daily use, mostly for farm pickup trucks. Most of those trucks had the 351M and the 400M that sported the 1˝ taller deck.

Remembering Robert Yates

By now, you’re no doubt aware that Robert Yates – one of the original, best and last legendary engine builders in NASCAR history – succumbed to liver cancer on Monday, Oct. 2. The sport and the industry lost a creative mind who influenced and impacted many generations of race fans and participants.

Most Versatile Tool and Die Shop in Wisconsin

Metal Crafters, Inc., of Stevens Point, WI, claims to be the “most versatile tool and die shop in Wisconsin.” Joe Thorn’s business does parts design and production, metal and machinery repair of all kinds.

Looney Gas…

Kettering and Thomas A. Midgley, his research assistant, had began an aggressive research into fuel additives starting in 1915 based on experience with airplane engines flown in World War I.

Engine Awards

When we launched the Performance Engine Builder of the Year competition in 2012, we looked at it as a chance to celebrate the unsung heroes of the racing world.

“Looney Gas…”

After revolutionizing the auto industry with his electric self-starter, Charles Kettering turned to another problem within the auto industry. Cadillac engineers were complaining that Kettering’s self-starter and battery ignition system were making spark plugs misfire, causing knocking in the cylinders.

The Other Machines in Your Shop

In the last couple of years we have discussed the various maintenance requirements for your big machines – surface grinders, crank grinders, cleaning machines, etc. Let’s not forget those other devices that play a pretty important part in your continued effort to build the best engines you and your employees can offer to your valued customers.