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P-Pumped 12-Valve 5.9L Compound Turbo Cummins Engine

When Jason Bliesner drives around, he has a tendency to get pulled over. Most of the time it’s not because he’s speeding or doing anything wrong, it’s because certain cops are car guys and they can’t help but want to know more about Jason’s 1941 Chevy school bus that’s powered by a P-pumped 12-valve 5.9L compound turbo Cummins engine. You have to see this!

500+ HP Compound Turbo 4BT Cummins Engine

Known for automotive projects that push the limits of what’s possible, Hauk Designs recently teamed up with some of the best diesel shops in the business to turn a stock 105-hp 4BT Cummins engine into a 500+ horsepower, compound turbo, off-road, rock crawling beast. See what went into the build.

1,000-HP 5.9L Cummins Engine

Gary Stepke of GetSome Motorsports had inherited a 1952 Studebaker pickup from a friend’s father who passed away. The truck has always had special meaning to him, but it lacked the horsepower Stepke is familiar with. He put the Studebaker on a Dodge 2500 chassis and swapped in a rebuilt 5.9L Cummins with the aim of 1,000 hp. Check it out!

700-Horsepower 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Engine

Brought to NS Diesel & Automotive as a rusted out, beat up 2004 F250 work truck with nearly 400,000 miles, got rebuilt into a 700-horsepower 6.0L Powerstroke. Find out what went into the build.

Compound Turbo 6.4L Powerstroke Engine

It’s always good to catch up with Jared Alderson and the folks at Kill Devil Diesel, so when we saw that the shop had recently built this compound turbo 6.4L Powerstroke engine for a customer, we felt compelled to share it.

1,500 HP 7.3L Powerstroke Engine

While studying mechanical engineering in college, Zack Pierce began to design ways to improve upon the 7.3L Powerstroke engine. He transitioned that passion for diesel engines into starting Pierce Diesel Performance and building this 1,500-hp 7.3L Powerstroke engine for drag racing.

Compound Turbo Sleeved 6.7L Cummins Engine

Not even COVID-19 and a shop fire could keep Legendary Diesel Performance down and out in 2020. They kept churning out builds like this compound turbo sleeved 6.7L Cummins. Find out what went into the high-horsepower engine build.

Stock 2005 LLY Duramax Engine with Nitrous

These days, it doesn’t take much to build a custom diesel engine capable of some serious horsepower. However, it takes a bit more effort to keep a diesel engine completely stock and make it live near 1,000 horsepower. That’s what Walt Schiemann and his shop Prime Diesel & Automotive are attempting to do with a stock LLY Duramax. Check it out!

P-Pumped 12-Valve 5.9L Cummins Engine

When the Engine Builder team traveled to Indianapolis to take in the 2021 Ultimate Callout Challenge, we also got to walk around the DPI Expo where, tucked away in the last row of exhibitors, was one of the coolest trucks at the entire show – Hauk Designs’ 1946 Chevy Cabover beer tanker complete with a 5.9L Cummins engine and Allison transmission. Check out this one-of-a-kind, custom truck.

Ford Cummins Conversion – 5.9L Common Rail Engine

Having been introduced to diesel motorsports at just two weeks old, Justina Reusch, owner of Reusch Diesel, has always had an affinity for diesel performance. Her handy work can be seen on her 2006 Ford F350 where the shop did a Ford Cummins conversion from a 6.0L Powerstroke to a 5.9L Cummins. Check it out.

2006 F350 6.0L Powerstroke Engine

After the original 6.0L Powerstroke engine in Stroker Diesel’s 2006 F350 grenaded, shop owner Richard Whittaker decided to rebuild the engine with a focus on better towing performance. See what went into the new engine build!

Deck-Plated 6.7L Compound Turbo Cummins Engine

New Performance Automotive prides itself on its drag racing and truck pulling engines, and one such truck that shop owner Steve Burton is especially proud of and continues to develop is customer David Petrick’s deck-plated 6.4L compound turbo Cummins. As David keeps looking to up the ante, Steve is right there to answer the call on the engine side of things. Check it out.