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Horsepower – Building In and Bolting On

I consider myself blessed that for the last 35 years I’ve had the opportunity to hang around with some of the nation’s best engine builders and racers, and had the rare opportunity to pick their brains about engine building tips and tricks. Most of these concepts are pretty well known in the engine building community

Timing Chains & Gears

As a rule, most pushrod engines use a timing chain to drive the camshaft, though some older four and six cylinder engines use a gear set. A short chain or gear set works well in this kind of application because the camshaft is located in the block just above the crankshaft. In overhead cam (OHC)

Back to Basics: Reconditioning Connecting Rods

When you’re looking at connecting rods and considering returning them to service, there are many things you must consider. They are one of the most critical pieces of the engine puzzle and under great strain when in operation, so you must pay attention to the details during the rebuilding process. There are many times when

Engine Builders Buyers Guide 2008

Engine Builders Buyers Guide ’08  Performance Buyers Guide ’08

How Wegner Automotive Reverse Engineers Cylinder Head Porting

Casey Wegner, head of the CNC department at Wegner Automotive, Markesan, WI, can still picture this scene from his childhood: His father Carl meticulously hand porting a cylinder head, which took several days to finish an entire set of ports for an eight-cylinder engine. Fast-forward 30 years: Casey Wegner has become an expert head porter,

Fast Lane: Building A Reputation At The Track Will Build Business At The Shop

In the February 2007 issue of Engine Builder we discussed the importance of seeking out new market for your business (Fast Lane: “New Markets Could Give Your Business Hope For Survival,” page 18). In the May 2007 Issue we discussed the importance of getting out to the racetrack to help build your performance business (Fast

Drag Racing Cylinder Head Selection

Experts say that the key ingredient is high velocity matched with good flow. But the high flow numbers may blind your customers from seeing the whole picture, so it is up to you to explain. Some cylinder head experts compare flow numbers to horsepower numbers on a dyno – but guess what? They’re not all

Marine Motors: Challenges & Opportunities

On the popular British automotive television program “Top Gear,” the hosts were interested in discovering how hard it could possibly be to build a vehicle that was capable of both being driven on the road and sailed in water. Various types of such vehicles have been dreamed about, designed and even occasionally produced over the

Engintel: Learning Not To Feel Like A Sucker

I recently encountered an interesting situation that initially had me wondering if all hope for installation and general repair technicians was gone; and that perhaps some of the bum rap that they seem to get may be justified. Instead, I got a healthy meal of "crow" wrapped in a tortilla of humility. Imagine getting a

High Performance Diesels: ‘Black Smoke’ Tractor Pulling Market

If you’re a lover of horsepower, dirt and "black smoke," you may also have a passion for building engines in the thriving diesel tractor pulling market. These engines aren’t just for working in the fields anymore – they’re full blown, smoke billowing, brute force racing machines – and building them can lead to a bountiful

The Shermanator 347: A 530HP Gas Stroker You Can Build

A while ago Engine Builder ran a story on the popularity and basic dos and don’ts of stroker engines ( March 2007 Engine Builder). It received such great response that we are following up with a "real world" stroker engine buildup. In this case, it is an engine combination that is so popular that it

Scratching The Niche

If you have been a reader of this magazine for any length of time, you’ll know that one thing is certain: this isn’t the same industry it was even just a few years ago. Not so long ago, a car or truck that was more than six years old would have been considered a junker,