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Engine Pro is Everywhere Contest

Engine Pro parts have been used in some pretty unusual engines all over the world. Now, the company would like to find ut how many unusual places the Engine Pro logo can show up. Here’s you chance to win one of three $500 cash prizes from Engine Pro.

The Equipment and Tool Institute Names Greg Potter Executive Manager

The Equipment and Tool Institute has announced that its Board of Directors named Greg Potter as the organization’s next Executive Manager effective November 1, 2014. Potter has been actively involved in ETI since 1985, holding many positions within the organization including three terms on the Board of Directors, President of the ETI Board of Directors from 2004 – 2006, Technical Manager from 1994 -1997, Scan Tool Group Chairman from 2010 to present, as well as serving on various Committees including the Marketing and Program Committees.

ReMaTecNews Names Remanufacturer of the Year 2014

ReMaTecNews, the international news magazine for the automotive and heavy-duty remanufacturing industries, has announced the winner of its Remanufacturer of the Year Award for 2014. The winner of the remanufacturing industry’s most coveted honor is Jack Stack, founder, president and CEO of SRC Holding, Springfield, Missouri.

Industry Changes

It’s obvious that today’s engines are made up of a lot of moving parts, and those parts have changed along with the numerous changes in the industry over the years. What our advertisers have seen change the most over the years has been related to engine size, increased foreign competition, issues with getting younger people

The Future of Engine Rebuilding

Changing topics from obsolete engines and parts to how these companies see the future of the industry, the conversation surrounded technology, sustainability, the environment and specialization. “Sustainability is the critical driver behind current trends in the passenger car industry,” Newman says. “Environmental concerns are thus the primary impetus behind the study of sustainable development and

Company Innovations

While technology in general was the primary answer to what innovations helped grow the industry over the past 50 years, when asked about innovations within their own companies that have helped the industry, the answers were more specific to certain engine parts. “Over the years a number of Sunnen innovations have been standards of the

The Rebuilding Industry’s Key Innovations

When asked about what innovations in the past five decades that have been key to the industry’s growth and success, there was a trend in favor of an all-encompassing answer – technology. While technology is the umbrella answer, there are numerous aspects of technology and its advancements that have made the industry what it is

50 Years

Ever since the first engine was placed in an automobile, people have been devoting time to making it better. In the past 50 years specifically, advancements in technology have helped develop the engine and its many working parts into a machine capable of much more than was ever thought possible in the 50 years prior.

Engine Parts Warehouse

Paula Flowers’ parents owned and operated a machine shop and parts store in Louisville, Ky. Growing up she spent a lot of time at the shop and eventually worked there. It wasn’t long before Flowers realized a need for a warehouse distributor with a focus on internal engine parts. From that idea, Engine Parts Warehouse

Pro-Filer Performance Products, Inc.

Pro-Filer Performance Products, Inc. got started in the engine building industry after realizing the need for a high quality, aerospace grade, cylinder head and intake manifold in the high performance aftermarket industry. We began in a niche “big motor” drag racing market since those were the engines we were involved with at the time. After

Packard Industries

Packard Industries was built in 1978 on the idea of covering the day-to-day costs of business with wholesale division. Our main objective was to supply the various specialist retailers in the industry. At first we did not actually provide engine parts. We started out with a small suspension line, water pumps and fuel pumps. As

Egge Machine Co.

Egge began its life as an automotive repair shop in Plainview, TX in 1915. The original name was “E.N. Egge Auto,” named after its founder E.N. Egge. E.N. repaired anything and everything that came into his shop. As the business progressed, he developed the ability to sand cast aluminum pistons, primarily because replacement pistons were