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Proper Oil Pump Screen Placement in Your Oil Pan

In this new Tech Tip video, Melling technical director George Richmond talks about proper placement of your oil pump pickup screen in the oil pan.

Professional Confessional Video Series – Lifeblood and Killer Mud

Engine Builder Editor Doug Kaufman got behind the camera for his Professional Confessional series. While customers are the lifeblood of your business, they can sometimes provide some interesting stories.

Ray Banyas of Victory Engines Named 2016 Vintage Engine Builder of the Year

The Engine Builder team recently made a trip up to Cleveland to visit Ray Banyas and Phil Hartsel at Victory Engines to tour the shop and present the guys with the 2016 Vintage Engine Builder of the Year award.

Motor State Distributing – PRI 2016

Scott Wahlstrom of Motor State Distributing talks about the recent distribution expansion Motor State completed which helped introduce new technology, processes and efficiencies to better serve its customers. The expansion also allows the company to expand its product lines and depth of products.

Maxiforce – PRI 2016

Known for John Deere, Perkins and Caterpillar internal engine parts, Maxiforce has announced new products for a burgeoning market in small bore Japanese diesel engines. Paul Kelly of Maxiforce talks about what the company offers for Yanmar, Shibaura and Mitsubishi diesel engines.

CV Products – PRI 2016

Scott Highland and other team members of CV Products talk about the newest stuff coming from the company for 2017, such as the X2 line of valvetrain parts and valves, the new XTS belt drive systems for small block and big block applications, the latest from the Xceldyne brand, and valve springs from PSI.

All-Star Performance – PRI 2016

Greg Strom of All-Star Performance talks about what’s new from the company at the 2016 PRI show, such as a one-to-one pulley, a mechanical linkage return spring bracket and other engine products.

Goodson Tools and Supplies for Engine Builders – PRI 2016

Dave Monyhan of Goodson Tools and Supplies talks about the latest and greatest equipment coming for 2017.

EngineQuest – PRI 2016

Eric Haugland of EngineQuest and Glenn Morrison of Precision Foundry talk about the latest LS series aluminum cylinder heads and the latest cast iron Vortec and pre-Vortec marine intakes.

Motovicity – PRI 2016

Brett Kinsfather of Motovicity Distribution and Cody Loveland of Love Fab talk about the Enviate Hypercar taken to Pikes Peak and future plans to make more of those vehicles, as well as a new engine build coming for 2017.

Mr. Race Oil – PRI 2016

Timothy Miranda of Mr. Race Oil introduces the company’s new Custom Shop oil and Road Course racing oil.

ARMEX (Episode 3) – PRI 2016

Brian Waple of ARMEX provides a firsthand look inside a blast cabinet as baking soda is used to clean an engine part.