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Jessie Harris’ 6.7L Cummins-Swapped Chevy C10

It’s not often you see a diesel-powered car or truck competing at drag-and-drive events. While that’s true, we think there’s a case for more diesel competitors to show up. Jessie Harris thinks so too, as he’s been doing drag-and-drive events and drag racing for a number of years in his Chevy C10 that features a

LT1 Upgrades at MTI Racing

In the latest “What’s Up Sergio” episode from the guys at MTI Racing, Sergio is working on upgrading a customer’s LT1 engine with a more beefed up rotating assembly.

SMX Cylinder Head Gets New Valve Seats – Part 2

Watch as Steve Morris walks through the remaining processes of cutting a new seat and fitting it into the head. If you missed Part 1, check it out here:

EB Takeover: TKM Performance

The team at TKM Performance invites you on a tour of their Denton, NC engine and machine shop in our latest Instagram Takeover. Lots of cool engine work going on here!

1967 Nova with a 421 Small Block Chevy Engine

While spending a week in Florida for Sick Week 2023, we got to see a number of people we have become close with. One of those guys is Andy Starr of Starr Performance & Consulting. Andy was in attendance helping tune a few customer’s cars, including this 1967 Chevy Nova with a 421 cubic inch

Machining a Cylinder Head for Valve Seats – Part 1

Steve Morris Engines recently finished machining a new SMX cylinder head, and now it’s time to machine in new valve seats. Watch as Steve walks through the whole process of cutting a new seat and fitting it into the head!

CP4 Troubles? Try Fuel Additives

It seems no one can escape the troublesome CP4 issues on more modern diesels. However, there are a few ways to improve and increase the life of the CP4 pump and your entire fuel system – run fuel additives and give your system more lubricity. We discuss more details in this episode of AMSOIL Garage.

1977 Trans Am with a Twin-Turbo 461 Pontiac Engine

During Sick Week this year, there were more cool cars than we could count. However, few stood out as much as Nick Wiegand’s 1977 Pontiac Trans Am featuring a twin-turbo 461 cubic inch Pontiac engine. We caught up with Nick at Bradenton Motorsports Park to get the full story of the build.

What Happens When Dry Ice and a Valve Seat Combine?

Steve Morris Engines recently shared a video cutting a brand new SMX cylinder head for valve seats, and he shrunk them for an easier fit using dry ice. Watch what happens!

LB7 Duramax-Powered 1970 Chevelle

There aren’t many diesel-powered vehicles that show up to drag-and-drive events, but when they do, they’re usually awesome! Case in point is Rick Fletes’ Chevelle, which is powered by a custom-built LB7 Duramax engine. We got the details from Rick as he waited in the staging lanes for his first pass of Sick Week 2023.

EB Takeover: Gawlik-SGRO Racing

We first met Brian Gawlik of Gawlik-SGRO Racing at the PennGrade1 booth during the 2022 PRI Show. We struck up a fun conversation and knew we’d be talking to Brian again soon. Brian is the owner, and driver for the Gawlik-SGRO Racing team, which competes in the Division 1 NHRA / Lucas Oil Series Top

Diesel Fuel Additives for Power and Efficiency

Running diesel fuel additives on an every tank basis can help your engine in numerous ways. A couple of the big benefits are better power and more efficiency, and who can’t get behind that? Check out this episode of AMSOIL Garage for more diesel fuel additive info.