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Road to AAPEX Ep. 6: The End of the Road

It all comes down to this. if the Caddy was going to make it to Vegas, if it was even possible, the automotive aftermarket would play a big role.

Jason Chapman’s 478 cid Big Block Chevy Engine

At the 2022 Builder’s Brawl this summer, we crossed paths with Jason Chapman and his 1968 Camaro SS equipped with a nitrous-powered big block Chevy engine. Looking to run 5.70-5.80 in the 1/8th-mile, we got the details of the build!

4,000-HP Compound Turbo C15 Engine

It’s not everyday you see a semi truck capable of going over 120 mph in the 1/4-mile. Mario Monette spent years making his semi one of the fastest out there, thanks to a compound turbo C15 engine with 4,000 horsepower on hand! Diesel of the Week is brought to you by  @AMSOIL INC. 

Billet Cylinder Head Repair

Following the 2022 Drag Week event, Steve Morris needed to repair one of the cylinders in Drag Week winner Tom Bailey’s Sick Seconds 2.0 drag car. Watch as he walks you through the process to get this head like brand new.

Swamp Thing’s 632 big block Reher-Morrison Engine

We recently caught up with Joey Baroni to learn more about his 1967 Chevy II Nova nicknamed Swamp Thing. Under the hood is a 632 cubic inch big block Reher-Morrison engine with 14-degree Oldsmobile heads and plenty of nitrous. Looking to run 4.70s in the 1/8th mile, Joey’s engine can boogie!

Road to AAPEX Ep. 5: The Road Less Traveled

The Caddy won’t crank again… watch to see what happens next on the Road to AAPEX!

Billet Engine Block Repair Continued

Steve puts finishing touches on repairing his billet aluminum engine block for the wagon’s SMX engine.

BluePrint 632 cid Big Block Chevy Nitrous Engine

During the 2022 Builder’s Brawl put on by Joe Zolper at Worldwide Technology Raceway outside of St. Louis, we caught up with drag racer Mike McCoy and learned more about his 1966 Chevy II Nova and its 632 big block Chevy engine.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 4: Halfway There… What Could Go Wrong?

On this episode of Road to AAPEX, not all of the pit stops were planned.

Robert Berry’s Compound Turbo 5.9L Cummins Engine

Inside Robert Berry’s ’45 Chevy sits a compound turbo 5.9L Cummins engine. The build is affectionately known as Burnie, and has completed events such as Drag Week, Rocky Mountain Race Week and ODSS. Check it out below!

EB Takeover: Kill Devil Diesel

You all know the name Kill Devil Diesel but now join the guys for a tour through and around their diesel shop where they showcase the production facility, engine room, cylinder head area and all the cool diesel work they do. Also, the shop’s break room is Dennis Anderson’s old house, and the shop sits

Repairing a Billet Engine Block

After every connecting rod in Steve Morris’ SMX engine effectively crumbled, his SMX billet block was in rough shape. The question he was confronted with was whether to fix the block or not – he decided to make the necessary repairs. Watch below.