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Powerhouse Cubic Inch Tester

Often used by tracks and sanctioning bodies, a Powerhouse Cubic Inch Tester tends to keep everyone honest. With a cylinder capacity of 84 cubic inches in 1/2-inch increments, our tool can measure a V8 as large as 670 cubic inches total. It’s easy to use. First, remove the spark plug, pushrods and rocker arms from the

Diamond Competition Series Pistons

Diamond has announced a line of pistons for the highly ­popular big-block Chevrolet Sportsman racing engines. Known as their Competition Series, they are suitable for most 24- or 26-degree valve angle big-block cylinder heads. As expected, they cater to race engines in several favored classes, ­including Top Dragster, Top Sportsman and ET Bracket. The Competition

Moduline Cabinets

Professional Grade. Designer Appearance. Delivered as Promised: for 25 years, Moduline Cabinets have been providing exactly that. Our 100% American-made cabinets are crafted from premium aluminum for quality that is trusted by shop professionals, race teams and enthusiasts. Our experts will work with you to realize your envisioned perfect storage system. Backed by our Lifetime

Peter Brock and the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe

Famed automotive designer Peter Brock discusses the first Daytona Cobra Coupe, CSX2287 at the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

AFIS Introduces its New Range of High-Performance Ignition Wire Sets

AFIS’s new high-performance ignition wire sets are strong, high-energy ignition wire sets with low resistance. Both fiber and spiral cores transmit current without interference and every wire set is checked for output and endurance. Developed for high-performance street cars and racing cars, AFIS has introduced a comprehensive new range of spiral-core ignition wire sets that

1934 Offenhauser – Engine Rebuild Overview

Offenhauser was an American engine design that dominated American open wheel racing for more than 50 years and is still popular among vintage sprint and midget car racers. The Offenhauser engine, familiarly known as the “Offy”, was developed by Fred Offenhauser and his employer Harry Arminius Miller, after maintaining and repairing a 1913 Peugeot Grand Prix car of the type which had won

Pro-Filer Performance Products All-American Small Block Ford Cylinder Head

Pro-Filer Performance Products, Inc. introduces its All-American Small Block Ford Cylinder Head. This Small Block Ford cylinder head features a .750” raised exhaust port, revised spark plug location, a CNC-ported ­combustion chamber, and an “as cast” 205cc intake runner with a 2.05” intake valve. The All-American Small Block Ford head was designed to win with

Don’t Miss AVI’s Live-Stream Automotive Training Classes

Don’t miss out on AVI’s live-stream automotive training class! See details below… Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics  – Bob PattengaleAVI Live Training #3: February 6th 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST Bob Pattengale, National Training Manager for Robert Bosch LLC will present a training class on Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics, focusing on common rail injection systems and the differences between the 2.7 and

DENSO GK3-7 Iridium Saver Spark Plug for Natural Gas Engines

DENSO has announced its GK3-7 Iridium Saver Plug for natural gas engines. Available now, this plug features a 3-prong design to physically block rapid gas flow allowing the proper spark to be generated, which translates into improved efficiency and superior performance. Other DENSO technological advantages include: Monolithic Insulator Structure: DENSO uses this design to improve

Voodoo Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

The product of extensive testing, these CAD designed and FEA optimized rockers were engineered specifically for high-performance street engines. Constructed from extruded aircraft quality aluminum and CNC machined to precise tolerances, the superfinished surface increases durability and sheds oil. They are lightweight yet strong enough to handle aggressive spring pressures and higher lift cams while

MAHLE Motorsports Power Pak Piston Rings

MAHLE Motorsports is offering 1.0mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm ring packages in many of its popular Power Pak piston assemblies, an additional 33% reduction in size. A shorter, narrower ring is more conformable, allowing it to maintain increased and more consistent contact with the ring groove and cylinder wall, resulting in vastly improved combustion sealing and