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The Snap-on Two-Piece 3/8-inch Drive Impact Swivel Extension Set

The new Snap-on Two-Piece 3/8-inch Drive Impact Swivel Extension Set (202IPFX) gives professional engine builders superior access to fasteners that are difficult to reach straight on, such as transmission bolts, drive line bolts, exhaust manifold bolts and cylinder heads. “Engine builders are always looking for tools with the versatility and increased efficiency of our new 202IPFX

Installing an Edelbrock Carburetor

Installing an Edelbrock Street Performer 1406 Carburetor on a FE 390 with Edelbrock Performer 390 intake, GT Heads in a ’56 Fairlane — presented by  

Lincoln Electric Releases 2014 Equipment Catalog

Lincoln Electric released its new 2014 Equipment Catalog (E1.10), which details the company’s MIG, TIG, and multi-process equipment, as well as plasma cutting systems, welding automation, fume control systems, training product solutions, orbital welding systems, accessories and welding gear products. New in 2014, the welding consumable section, previously shown to provide a summary view of the company’s

PRW Industries, Inc. Expands Visa Gift Card Rebates Through 2014

Due to overwhelming demand, PRW has announced that it will expand its popular Visa Gift Card Rebate Program through the end 2014 racing season or while supplies last.  This offer is available through all authorized PRW distributors in the United States and Canada. Product eligibility changes every two months so be sure to check the

World Products Gen VI Compatible Big Block

World Products is offering a new Gen VI Big Block compatible design. This block uses a one-piece rear seal, and has the Gen VI style oil pan rail and front cover bolt pattern. The block can utilize either the OE type roller lifters or +.300″ tall tie bar lifters. It also features a Mk IV

Voodoo Camshafts For LS Engines

Available for GM LS engine applications, Lunati’s Voodoo series of hydraulic camshafts delivers plenty of area under the curve. This means more throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum and better efficiency, combined with maximum horsepower and torque.

The Justice Brothers’ 2014 Racing Calendar

VROOOOM into 2014 with the 38th annual edition of the incredible Justice Brothers motorsports racing calendar. The Justice Brothers have continuously sponsored competitors, in almost every facet of motorsports racing on land, sea and air for close to 75-years, and still do so today. Justice Brothers racing calendars have won the prestigious International Automotive Gold

Put Real Horsepower Into Your Hot Rod with COMP Cams’ Thumpr Camshafts

You’ve built your dream car. Now make your dream of an aggressive-sounding, high-performance ride come true with a Thumpr Camshaft. With the combination of early intake valve opening, long exhaust duration and a generous amount of overlap, Thumpr Cams from COMP Cams maximize your engine’s nasty-idling characteristics without negatively impacting streetability. Thumpr Cams offer performance and aggressive

Mike’s Racing Heads Designs New Edelbrock 15-Degree SB Chevrolet

Mike Androwick of Mike’s Racing Heads has been a cylinder head porter all his life. In NHRA Pro Stock he worked alongside Richard Maskin, Bob Glidden and Larry Morgan. In big-block Modified oval track racing series in the northeast, he provided 60 sets of racing heads, winning the 2013 championship with Brett Hearn. For 2014 drag racing

Hamburger’s Performance Takes the Drama Out of LS Swaps

Thanks to its light weight and highly efficient design, GM’s LS-engine series has become the go-to replacement for the traditional Chevy small block or big block. However, swapping one of these updated powerplants into a classic vehicle presents a number of fitment issues with the factory oil pan. Now Hamburger’s Performance has made swapping a

Lunati Voodoo Crankshafts

The backbone of your engine and the foundation of your bottom end is the crankshaft. Voodoo Crankshafts from Lunati are engineered from 4340 non-twist forged steel that is known for its durability and strength in high-performance applications. All Voodoo Cranks are nitride heat treated with micro-polished journals to add even more durability. Lightening holes in the rod

AFIS Announces a New, High-Quality Range of Fast-Reaction Fuel Injectors

Entering its fourth consecutive year as NHRA contingency sponsor, AFIS has announced a new, high quality range of fast-reaction fuel injectors. Named FRT, they suit high-performance street cars and racing cars as diverse as Pro Mod to Sport Compacts. Significantly, the major advantage of FRT injectors is their reaction time due to a new electronic