Car and Auto Engine Parts Manufacturing
PRW Sportsman Roller Tip Rocker Arms

PRW Industries, a manufacturer of high-performance engine components, has launched a consumer rebate program on its Sportsman Roller Tip rocker arms. The addition of a $5 pre-paid Visa gift card makes these popular rockers an even better value. Designed for engines with less than 350 psi of open spring pressure, these rocker arms are ideal

Edelbrock Classic Series Air Cleaners and Valve Covers

Edelbrock first made aluminum valve covers in the late ’50s and they continue to be a classic. Made of heavy-gauge sand-cast aluminum, Edelbrock’s classic finned valve covers are now available in a natural as-cast finish, for enthusiasts looking for a subtle classic look for their engine. Edelbrock Classic Series air cleaners are available in three

COMP Cam LSR Series Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

The LSR Series is a lineup of hydraulic roller camshafts featuring COMP Cams’ most modern lobe designs for popular GM LS engines. Designed specifically for radical street performance and all-out race applications, these aggressive-profile cams take advantage of today’s newer, better-flowing aftermarket cylinder heads. The LSR Camshafts feature higher exhaust duration and overall lift, making them

Spectra Premium Automotive Intercoolers

Spectra Premium Industries announces their Intercooler offering for automotive and light-duty trucks. This new category is currently comprised of 17 models.  The current coverage includes popular domestic trucks such as the Ford F-Series, GM C/K trucks, as well as European cars such as Volkswagen Golf/Jetta and Audi. Higher fuel prices and governmental fuel economy regulations

Dart Pro1 Big-Block Cylinder Heads

Despite having been on the market for decades Dart’s Pro1 big-block cylinder heads receive constant upgrades. In fact, this is the essence of their universal appeal—their development never ends. Originally introduced in 1982, David Reher of Reher Morrison says, “There is nothing that compares with the Pro1. They have been the best bang for the

CRP Automotive 2014 Pentosin Technical Fluids Catalog

CRP Automotive has released its 2014 catalog of Pentosin Technical Fluids for automotive applications. The 218-page catalog features a variety of antifreezes, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, motor oils and transmission fluids that are engineered to meet the demanding standards and specifications established by many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers for service refill, including Acura,

DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab App

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced the launch of its new “Mobile Sound Lab” app, designed to help consumers shopping for a performance muffler to experience each muffler’s unique sound. Available in the iTunes App Store, the DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab iPad app allows the user to compare the sound tones and differences between each of the DynoMax mufflers, including the drone-free DynoMax

Rottler VR7 Valve Refacing Machine

Rottler’s VR7 has gone mobile. The VR7 has always come with a base storage cabinet as an optional feature and shops all over the world have been installing it on counters to save floor space – but it’s no longer being installed just on shop counters – the VR7 is now being used in mobile

WIX Filters 75th Anniversary Die Cast Car

WIX Filters, a member of the Affinia Group family of brands, is rolling out a die cast of one of the most recognizable American cars – the 1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe – as part of its collectible die cast collection. The collectible is captured in 1:18 scale die cast replica, complete with a custom paint

Aftermarket 8-Rib Serpentine Pulley System for LS Engines with Whipple 2.9L Superchargers

LS-powered Muscle cars using the Whipple W175FF 2.9-liter blower now have access to the first high-traction eight-rib serpentine pulley kit. Driving a blower that creates up to 10lbs of boost requires adequate belt grip and by increasing the ribbed surface area by 33 percent—substituting eight ribs for the traditional six—Concept One’s latest single-belt system achieves this

Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel system contamination is a year-round problem for diesel-powered vehicles, especially in commercial vehicles where down time can be expensive and can even lead to loss of customers. Of special concern in recent years is the presence of black tar-like material in diesel fuel, commonly referred to as asphaltenes. This material can quickly clog fuel filters, fuel injectors and other critical

Crankshafts and Bearings for Street Performance and Racing

The crankshaft and bearings are the foundation of any engine. The type of bearing and crankshaft materials that are used, their strength properties, fatigue resistance and ability to handle high torque loads ultimately determine how durable the engine is and whether it goes the distance or self-destructs.   Most engine builders have strong opinions and