Car and Auto Engine Parts Manufacturing
PBM Timing Sets & Components

PBM offers a vast inventory of performance timing sets and related components, including billet and adjustable timing sets, for virtually all popular engines.

Speedmaster Top End Engine Kit

Kits include fully assembled PCE cylinder heads, intake manifold, valve covers, intake manifold gaskets, roller rockers, guide plates and screw-in studs.

Turbosmart ProPort 54mm Blow Off Valve

The ProPort is in a league of its own, standing 30mm (1.2”) lower than PowerPort while flowing over 25% more than the 50mm RacePort.

Circle D Specialties’ Ford HP Series 10R80 Torque Converter

Options are available to accommodate a wide variety of engine, power-adder and vehicle setups while retaining streetability.

Rislone Maximum Performance Engine Treatment

For more than 100 years, Rislone Engine Treatment has improved motor oil performance to better clean and protect engines. To offer customers greater versatility at a lower cost, Rislone is moving to a more concentrated product in a smaller bottle. A 16.9 fl. oz. bottle of Maximum Performance Engine Treatment (p/n 4102) replaces the quart-size (p/n 100QR) in

New Shell Rotella T6 10W-30 Full Synthetic Oil

New Shell Rotella® T6 10W-30 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil with Triple Protection Plus™ Technology is now available at over 6,000 O’Reilly Auto Parts locations and online at It is available at Amazon as well. The full synthetic oil delivers better wear protection compared to conventional and synthetic blend and improved fuel economy in the fastest growing viscosity

CP-Carrillo Bullet Big Block Chevy Connecting Rods

Available off the shelf in 6.385″, 6.535″, 6.700″, 6.750″ and 6.800″ center-to-center lengths with standard BBC dimensions.

Hughes Performance XTM and XFM Series Converters

Available for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler transmissions. The “XTM” is slightly higher stall for gas engine application and the “XFM” is a lower stall for diesel engine applications.

Dyer’s Custom Connecting Rods

Dyers custom connecting rods are available upon request for any application you’re looking for.

Elgin LS Engine Superfinished Beehive Valve Springs

These valve springs feature a micro-engineered surface finish and multilayer fatigue enhancement, which eliminates potential surface defects and prolongs spring life.

Speedmaster Assembled Cylinder Heads

Speedmaster Assembled Cylinder Heads come ready to run with stainless steel valves; valve springs; and valve seals, locks, and retainers. They are sold in pairs.

UEM LS Performance Pistons

ICON PREMIUM series are designed to handle big boost applications.