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Green Strategies: Cleaning Techniques & Equipment

It may seem that there’s nothing natural about cleaning an engine. Even after the couple of hours of cleaning time, the engine might be cleaner than the tech working on it – but the engine still needs cleaned (and so does the cleaning crew from time to time). We are long from the days of

Green Strategies: Recycling Scrap and Precious Metals

Engine rebuilding, arguably the truest form of recycling, restores core durability and is part of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In fact, the very definition of the word “recycle” could be interchanged with “engine rebuilding.” Recycling means to reuse or make (a substance) available for reuse for biological activities through natural processes of

Liberty Engine Parts to Host AERA Tech Seminar in June at Pittsburgh Warehouse

Liberty Engine Parts has announced that it will host an AERA Tech & Skills Regional Conference at its Pittsburgh warehouse on Saturday, June 8, 2013. Liberty’s Tim Fisher says they encourage all vendors to purchase a 6-ft. table to “display your wares” during the conference. “At last year’s show in our Worcester (PA) warehouse, we

The Future of Cars Lies in Gasoline-Powered Technology, Says Edmunds.com

According to Edmunds.com, gasoline engine’s staying power isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “Gasoline’s talents and versatility make the internal combustion engine ajuggernaut that cannot be matched by any other power source,” says Edmunds.com Engineering Editor Jay Kavanagh. “Gasoline is cheap, abundant and packs more energy into a given volume than anything short of nuclear materials.

Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Repeal Ethanol Mandate

Originally passed by Congress prior to the recession, the RFS requires gasoline sold in the U.S. to contain a minimum amount of renewable fuel, most of which happens to be the corn-based ethanol. However, given that an increasing amount of corn continues to be diverted to ethanol creation rather than toward other uses like livestock

NPW’s Speed Warehouse Opens New Facility Ahead of Schedule

Larry Pacey, NPW president and CEO, was on hand at the new facility on opening day and had these comments, “The crew worked hard over the weekend to have the new building ready for business by 8 a.m. Monday. Wealso had assistance from many suppliers and reps who pitched in to helpbeat our deadline. We

PERA Webinar on ‘Aspects of Buying/Selling a Small Business’ April 17

PERA will be hosting a webinar on Aspects of Buying/Selling a Small Business on April 17 for small and mid-sized owners who are thinking of selling their business and need to know how to prepare and follow-through the right way to successfully value their business. Questions to be answered include: •What Paperwork & Information To

PERA Fall Convention in Dallas to Include Tour of Cowboys Stadium

For the first time, PERA?will join with the Engine Builder’s Association (AERA) to hold an AERA?Tech and Skills Conference on September 18. The tabletop displays and tech seminars will be held at AER?Mfg.’s remanufacturing facility. The Conference will be held at the Westin Galleria Dallas Hotel. A limited number of rooms have been reserved in

Head Bolts Added to Growing Magnum Gaskets Product Line

Magnum Gaskets resellers have requested head bolts as a natural add-on sale to complement Magnum’s recently introduced cylinder head gaskets and the entire premium Magnum Gasket line, according to thecompany.   “With the introduction of torque-to-yield head bolts in the early ‘90s, replacing head bolts with every head gasket installation became a necessity because bolts

GM to Invest $332 Million in Ecotec Engine Plants

GM has already announced $1.2 billion in investments in its North American plants and is planning to invest $1.5 billion in those plants this year. The investments will boost production of a new Ecotec small gas engine, a new V6 engine, eight-speed transmission and tooling for an existing six-speed transmission. The company is also raising

Racepak Names Burgess Product Manager

Burgess, who is co-owner of BMI Racing, will be in charge of managing and marketing the Racepak brand. Racepak, which focuses exclusively on securing and acquiring meaningful data with their data acquisition products, will expand its global marketing-focus with Burgess spearheading this effort.   "The expansion of our marketing focus strengthens our ability to continue

Tom Marx to Present Buying/Selling a Small Business at Upcoming PERA Webinar

The one hour session is designed for small and midsized company owners, especially those who are thinking of selling and need information on the right way to prepare and follow through to successfully value their business.   “Our research has found that 70 percent of all small and midsized businesses never sell after they are