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Letters: Test Data For Failing Rectifiers Requested

The article by Donald Yuhas, “Dissecting CS-130 Diode Failure,” in the May, 1996 issue of Automotive Rebuilder gave electrical rebuilders insights into the ways that diodes can fail. The author concluded that high “current pulse” technology is needed for successful screening-out of diodes that will likely fail in the vehicle.While I share that conclusion, the

Rules & Regs: There Are Numerous Annual And Semi-Annual Reports That Are Required Of Any Firm That Uses Or Purchases Regulated Chemicals And Materials

Depending on location, there are numerous annual and semi-annual reports that are required of any firm that uses or purchases regulated chemicals and materials. In addition to the actual reports, there are voluminous records that must be maintained and annual calculations performed to demonstrate compliance. Many firms do not believe that these reports and records are important, that they just add