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It’s All About The Choices

When I had difficulty coming up with ideas worthy of the space between the covers of this magazine it took only a couple of phone calls from customers before the light bulb came on: I realized I needed to examine the past to address the present. After two or three calls from customers relating their

Supplier Strategies for Web Success

“Virtual education” is one of the hottest trends out there in the educational community, thank to the ability to provide real-time communication between teachers and students. Many public schools allow students to bring smart phones, tablets and laptops to class to facilitate the transfer of information and enrich the learning experience. If you think about

Common Rail Injection History: Less Conspiracy, More Efficiency

It seems as though when customers are at the shop, the question always arises as to what common-rail really means. Then after I explain the technology to them, the reply that I get is, “Why did they have to change everything and start using computers?” If you find yourself in a similar boat and have

Muscle Car Engines: What’s Old Is New. And The Greates Of All Time

Baby boomers wanted to go fast even if they were just driving to the grocery store. The open road was calling and America answered. But the government intervened and quickly started killing the culture in the early to mid-’70s. Then the gas crisis of the late ’70s put the final nail in the coffin. Or

Pneumatic Tool Innovations

Pneumatics is that section of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gass to affect mechancial motion. Or, said differently, pneumatic tools use compressed gas (usually air) to make them work. I would venture to guess that most, if not all, of you reading this use air tools frequently, or have used

Keeping Valve Jobs Profitable

Okay, so head work accounts for a large percentage of your business. But is it as profitable as it should be or could be? Do you have a good handle on cylinder head related costs (parts, labor and cleaning)? Are the employees who are doing the head work competent and productive? Is your valve guide

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: August 2012

Editor’s Note: This coming October will mark “Shop Solutions’” fifth anniversary and to help Engine Pro celebrate, we’re putting plans into place to have a “Top Five from the Past Five” contest where you’ll get to choose your favorite Shop Solution from the past five years. Watch this section as well as the magazine for