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Cummins Injector Leak Diagnosis Can Be Tricky

Certainly, there’s some common repairs needed on specific engines that are easy to do but doesn’t mean that it makes everything else easy to diagnose. Owners often think that because diesel engines are now electronic the technician should be able to hook up a scan tool and immediately see what is going on. The good

Recent Advancements in Racing Oils

The racing oil community has been very busy this past year.  This is much more satisfying to an old “oilhead” who has seen years where there were no new racing oil developments. Racers and engine builders traditionally focus more on improvements in hard parts, because that’s what they understand best. However, recent successes in racing

Engine Options Abound In The Street Rod Market

The National Street Rod Association (NSRA) provides the best definition of what street rods are all about. “By definition a street rod is an automobile of 1948 or earlier manufacture which has undergone some type of modernization to include any of the following; engine, transmission, interior refinements, and any other modifications the builder desires. In

Toyota V8?UZ Engine Timing Belt Issues

I asked if any of them had any V8 models coming in for timing belts so I could get some pictures of the process. Either a blank stare, or a question like: “What Toyota V8?” was the general response. The idea that there was a Toyota V8 needing a timing belt ­replacement seems to be

Crate Engine Opportunities

To many engine builders, saying the words “crate engine” can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. The perception is, thanks to the wide assortment of ready-to-run packaged engines available from the OEMs, custom engine builders have difficulty competing. In an attempt to reduce the high cost of racing, many sanctioning bodies and racetracks began

2012 Engine Builder Tech Solutions Guide

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