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Rebuilding GM’s 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0L Gen IV Engine

Shortly after GM introduced the LS1 in the ’97 Corvette, they created a whole new family of small block truck engines based on the LS1, including the 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L and the 6.2L that each came with a number of variations over the years. GM built nearly 30 different versions of these truck engines during

Today’s Performance Connecting Rods

The crank and rods handle all the stresses of converting up and down motion to reciprocal motion. And when you are building a performance engine, those stresses are much higher and consequences of a failure are much greater. Therefore, selecting the right parts for your build is critical to the success of your engine and

ZDDP: When, Where, What, Why, How?

Government regulations and demands for lower emissions levels become more important than power and performance. Proven components are no longer acceptable and the inevitable changes occur – not always for the best. Things seemed to be much simpler in the 1930s. Engine bearings were made from a soft tin/copper/antimony alloy, commonly referred to as babbit.

Late Model Performance Cylinder Heads

  As the economy continues to come out of its slump, cylinder head manufacturers are seeing a growing demand for new cylinder heads that can deliver race-winning performance. Whether the heads are upgraded aftermarket heads for traditional small block/big block Chevy and Ford applications, or hot heads for the latest generation of Chevy LS and

Building Ford Strokers Engines: Make Most of a Windsor Block

  Nijssen, the Apple Valley, CA-based engine builder, operates and builds domestic V8 engines for the U.S. and international (primarily Australian) enthusiast markets. He says he doesn’t try to push his desire onto the customer. “I don’t sell you what I like, but rather you and I figure out what you really need for power