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Labor Costing Study: Rebuilding the GM 3.4/3.5L Engine

But in many cases, “performance excellence” takes a back seat to “excellent performance,” and for millions of car, minivan and crossover vehicle owners, the development and growth of the 3.4L/3.5L platform of V6 engines has been just as important. Back in 1980, with the introduction of its new line of front wheel drive cars, GM

Building for the Drag Racing Market a Quarter Mile at a Time

At the top levels of drag racing there are multi-million dollar teams supported by corporate sponsors, but for the sportsman and bracket racers across the country, it’s still mostly supported by the racer’s wallet. Yet many of these racers have pretty deep pockets and the benefactors are those who service the market, including engine builders

Engine Bearings and Crankshafts: Best Friends Forever (BFFs)

Bearings appear to be such simple engine components. On the surface, they’re just half-circles of metal whose only purpose is to reduce friction between and support moving parts. The engine bearing has to establish and maintain a film of oil between moving and stationary parts to prevent wear to expensive engine components. They look like


That’s why you have to choose the gaskets you install very carefully. Gaskets have to fit correctly and have the durability to maintain a long lasting seal. Applications that are unusually demanding often require specially engineered gaskets that can handle higher pressures and temperatures without failing. Advancements are constantly being made in gasket materials and