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We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1918

No disrespect to Prince, but 1999 was really nothing to party about. At least not when you consider the possibility of celebrating 100 years with no end in sight.    But before we get too deep in the past, let’s return to the present … and the future. As of May 1, 2018, engine builders,

Petty’s Garage Brings Classic Camaro Back to Life

Petty’s Garage Breathes New Life Back Into a Classic Camaro Typically, a 50th birthday party is an occasion to remind the celebrant that his better days are behind him, he’ll never catch up to the younger crowd, that he is, in fact, now over the hill. Luckily for one 50 year old, the attention is

Birthdays With a Zero Really Are Better

When you’re young, birthdays matter. That first one? Pretty important, especially because they give you a cake that you get to eat all by yourself. After that, the parties are goofy fun, and for a few years in your teens, it’s really good. At 16 you get your license, at 17 you can get into

Training Day – Get the Most From Your Equipment

Options to ensure engine builders get the most from your equipment purchases The time has arrived. You’ve purchased that new piece of equipment and changed around your shop to accommodate it into the synchronous harmony of your operation. Now you look for it to make money but nobody knows how to use it. What do

Surfacing Equipment For Today’s Engine Shops

Your shop owns many thousands of dollars worth of machining equipment, but if the newest one is more than a dozen years old, is it still up to the task for the jobs today? Looking back on some of Engine Builder’s past articles on surfacing equipment, one thing you’ll notice is that the OEMs have

Rotating Assemblies

Sourcing Rotating Assemblies for Stroker Applications Stroker engines are a popular choice for performance enthusiasts – whether the vehicle will run on the street, strip or a little of both, there’s something for everyone to love about a stroked engine. First of all, it sounds cool. Customers love telling their friends that they have something

Out On Open Water

Express Engines Inc. has saltwater on the brain When most engine builders think of the salt, their minds take them to the Bonneville Salt Flats and land speed records. However, if you’re Bruce Baker, owner of Express Engines Inc. in DeLand, FL, you’re thinking of saltwater, water damage and offshore racing. In fact, Baker works

EFI Modules – Nothing To Be Scared About

I just finished watching my favorite TV show – Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. A good portion of each episode is devoted to tuning these 2,000-3,500 hp monsters to get down the street without smoking the tires the entire 1/8th mile. However, you rarely see any hoods open or any adjustments to the engine taking place.

Engine Building Bloopers

I learned early when doing an engine for a customer, especially a partial job, with the end user finishing construction, the importance of knowing that person’s capabilities – or better put – incapabilities. Over my many years I have witnessed some amazing engine bloopers.

Performance Oiling Systems

Regardless of what type of engine you are building, the oiling system must be capable of creating and maintaining adequate oil pressure and flow no matter what. Accelerating, cornering, hard braking or extreme RPMs should not cause even a momentary drop in oil pressure. It only takes a few seconds of oil starvation to spin

High Performance Heavy-Duty Engine Look at Diesels Through a Different Lens

Across much of the highway system of the U.S., heavy trucks race almost non-stop to their next destination. Actually, because of DOT regulations and self-enacted restrictions from nearly every fleet operation, those trucks are more likely to be driven safely and efficiently. On several race tracks across the United States, though, diesel tractors with C12

Import Introspective

For those of you who dedicate your engine business to domestics, could you ever see yourself building a V6 that makes 2,000+ hp? Does that interest you? Do you think its possible? Have you looked into the large import platforms like Audi R8, Lamborghinis or the Nissan GT-R? If you don’t work on imports, do