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Solving Ford Head ID Mysteries With Core ID Software

Q. Does anyone know how the 1997-

When Business Slows, Don’t Give All Your Profits Away

"Where did all the business go after the tragedy of Sept. 11?" is something that a lot of small business owners were asking themselves. In our shop, we noticed a decline in business, and when I talked to other business owners in fields unrelated to the automotive industry, they say that they have experienced a

Rebuilding the Ford 4.6L SOHC Engine

The 4.6L was lower, shorter and lighter than the 302, but the base engine made more power than the 302, got better fuel economy and passed all the emission tests without a thermactor pump. Ford called it its “modular” engine because it was part of a whole new family of engines that were intended to

Heavy Duty Technology: Piston Failure Analysis

The air/fuel, coolant and oil systems and relationships between various engine operations and the cylinder liner temperatures are critical to maintaining proper operation of all cylinder components. A variety of conditions can cause excessive piston growth or melting, and each will cause varying results – including catastrophic engine failure. The correct air/fuel ratio balance of

Seizing an Opportunity – Ed Davis, Waterhouse Motors

Ed Davis’ first love was motorcycles. Beginning with motocross and taking up cross country racing later on, the Tacoma, WA, native found he had a natural ability and excelled at the two-wheeled sport. During high school and vocational industrial machinist training, Davis hoped to try the professional circuit before age got ahead of him. But,