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Valve Seat Installation Procedures

If a valve seat is damaged, cracked, loose, receded or too badly worn to be recut or reground, it can cause a variety of problems: loss of compression, valve burning, valve failure, valvetrain wear and breakage, even head and valve damage if the seat comes loose. For that reason, replacing valve seats is often necessary

Rebuilding the Ford 5

Doug Anderson is president of Grooms Engines, Parts, Machining, Inc., located in Nashville, TN. He has authored numerous technical articles on engine rebuilding for Engine Builder magazine for more than 15 years. Anderson has also made many technical presentations on engine building at AERA and PERA conventions and seminars. The 330/5.4L Ford engine was introduced

Today’s Management Software: On The Right Track

Engine builders may know a lot about building a better engine, but many need help when it comes to managing their businesses. For some, tracking billed hours and reviewing weekly income statements are more like chores than the work they love

Incoming AERA Chairman Mike Schaefer, Southern Illinois Crankshaft

Ask Mike Schaefer, incoming chairman of the Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) what the association means to him and he’ll have an immediate and impactful answer: "Without AERA, we wouldn’t have survived." When he opened the doors to Southern Illinois Crankshaft, Red Bud, IL, in November of 1985, and bought his first crank grinder, the salesman

PERA’s Core Corner

So What Planet DID Those

Dodge City’s Finest; Harry’s Machine Works

No history of the American West would be complete without extensive recollections of Dodge City, KS. Formed as a convenient railroad stop to serve the new Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, Dodge City offered something for everyone. That is, if your tastes ran to buffalo hunting, gambling or gunfighting. In its early days, Dodge