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I have experienced some problems with piston failures on DDC 12.7L engines with iron pistons. Are you aware of any updates? The AERA Technical Com-mittee offers the following information regarding Series 60 iron piston failures on DDC 12.7L engines. DDC has made an improvement by adding piston cooling nozzle machining to all Series 60 cylinder

PERA’S Core Corner: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words; Real Money, Too

After attending the 2006 PERA Spring Tech Program in Dallas, TX, at the end of March, I came back with information that must be shared with everyone. Imagine being able to have something that will provide you a thousand times the return every time that you use it? Do you think that you could get

AETC Wrap-Up: AETC A Hit In New Venue

It’s always great to get away from the blustery cold weather during the winter months, and even better if you can learn something new while you work on your tan. After 15 years in the same Colorado Springs, CO, location, the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) decided on a move to a much warmer climate

Balancing Equipment: a weighty matter

Everybody knows what balance is, right? You maintain your own balance by centering your body mass over your feet. If you lean too far forward or backward, or too far to the left or right, you’ll lose your balance and fall unless you grab hold of something or reposition your feet. Moving your center of

Pushrods & Lifters

Pushrod engines have been dubbed as antiquated technology by some, but for many engine builders these engines are far from suffering the fate of the horse and buggy. In fact, with both GM and Chrysler keeping the pushrod engine alive in their current product lineups with the Gen IV, Hemi and others, pushrods and lifters

The Enthusiast’s Motor Market

Street Rods, customs, muscle cars; even their names are different. When it comes to cars – and we’re including light trucks – from the early 1900s on up into the ’70s, it’s not enough to just call them old cars. How cars from this time span are rebuilt can often make them their own separate