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Machine Maintenance

We all know this is a tough business. Competition is more aggressive than ever and comes from all directions. Engines last longer than ever, it’s tougher to make a buck, you’ve got to work like a dog to make ends meet. So why in the world would anyone EVER want to be an engine builder?Well,

Drag Racing Crankshafts

With photos and words by Steve TempleAs any experienced engine builder already knows, a drag race engine is made up of hundreds of precision parts bolted together to form an assembly that spins at a furious rate in order to propel its vehicle to victory. Meeting this challenge requires that all those parts going into

Size Matters: Industrial Diesel Engine Builds

When it comes to the various rebuilding markets, almost nothing is as specialized as industrial diesel engines. While many experts say this market is growing at the moment, it can take a supersized commitment to compete in this niche segment because of remanufacturing competition from the OE manufacturers themselves. You’ll need to supersize your tooling

From Block Work to Manufacturing – CNC Machines Wear Many Hats

From a shop owner’s perspective, a good employee is one who’s never late, is extremely productive and never asks for a raise. Enter the perfect employee: the multi-purpose computer numeric controlled (CNC) machine center can do the work of several employees and never complain about it. There is no doubt that today’s machine shops must

Performance Connecting Rods

The connecting rods are a vital link between the pistons and crankshaft. They connect the reciprocal motion of the pistons to the rotational motion of the crank. The weight of the rods is important because it affects the reciprocating forces inside the engine. Lighter is usually better because less weight means faster throttle response and