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Special Supplement: 2008 Machining & Engine Parts Tech Guide

April 2008 Machining & Engine Parts Tech Guide Cylinder Bores & Piston Rings Valves & Valve Seats Crankshafts & Engine Bearings Head & Block Decks and Gaskets Sponsored By:

2008 Machining & Engine Parts Tech Guide

April 2008 Special Supplement: Machining & Engine Parts Tech Guide Valves & Valve Seats   Crankshafts & Engine Bearings   Head & Block Decks and Gaskets   Cylinder Bores & Piston Rings Sponsored By:      

Machine Maintenance: Time For Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here at last. Birds are chirping, the snow is melting and the grass is finally starting to show. It’s time to hang up the snow shovels and get the lawnmower tuned up. And if you’re like me, you can hardly wait to get your summer toys out of storage and ready to roll.

Crankshaft Selection Dictated by Design

We like to think that inside a modern engine, for all the violent explosions and metal-straining power, a whole world of harmony can be found. Parts work together to produce the most power possible, races are won and trophies are captured. Of course, this “cooperation” is a little deceptive. While there are dozens of parts

Mid-Range Diesels: Going the Distance

While it may seem that we’re constantly asking you, the reader, to give us detailed information about your business, the truth is, details are what make this business interesting. In that respect, following the February issue of Engine Builder, a cross-section of readers were asked for their opinions on a number of topics, ranging from

Choosing A Replacement Camshaft

Unless you are doing a totally stock rebuild and reusing the original camshaft, selecting a camshaft depends on what kind of engine you are building and how that engine will be used. A stock engine for a daily driver is obviously an entirely different application than an big stroker motor for a Pro Stock racer. 

From ATVs to Karting to Everything In Between

While small engines are in many types of equipment and toys, there isn’t anything small about their potential for engine builders to make a profit. From karts to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to motorcycles, for many engine builders looking to add profit margins to their business or to get into a specialized area of the industry,