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EPA and the Engine Builder

The Environmental Protection Agency affects every aspect of our lives in one way or another. What we drive and how we enjoy our leisure activities are only part of its purview. The concern by many automotive industry insiders is that unchecked, unnecessary regulations will severely impact a strong economic sector.

Intake Manifolds – Are There Changes You Need to Understand?

The intention here is to take each manifold design and mention things that have evolved over the years and discuss factors that have been found which will be beneficial to engine performance.

Engine Parts: Lifters, Pushrods and Valve Springs

The valvetrain is one of the most critical components in any engine build, be it stock or performance. The lifters, pushrods, rockers and springs must all be strong and stiff enough to handle the loads and RPMs the engine will encounter, and they have to be durable enough to go the distance.

What Goes Around Comes Around

While researching the article on the efforts the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may or may not be making to put you out of business (page 44) I took a walk down memory lane.

More Power, More Problems – Balancing rotating assemblies in the modern day engine shop

Everyday life may be all about balance, but a quality balance machine and the understanding of how to do a quality balance job can tilt the scale in your shop’s favor.

Success On – and Off – the Track for Dayton, Ohio Engine Builder Bobby Jacks

It isn’t often that successful performance on the track and effective engine building skills come from the same individual. But for Ohio resident and Daytonian Bobby Jacks who, after many decades of experience, has proven that one can have considerable talent in both.

Spring Has Sprung – Will Landscape Engines Grow Your Business?

Have you noticed your allergies are acting up? Are the birds chirping a bit louder? Is it getting warmer and greener? Good, it’s not just me. Spring has sprung in the Northern hemisphere and that means people are going to be getting out their lawn and landscape tools.

Safe Cleaning – Are the Concepts Compatible?

The subject of cleaning is never far from the mind of the modern engine builder or machine shop supervisor. Obviously, parts must be as clean as possible so they can be inspected, repaired if possible and reassembled. The subject of SAFE cleaning is a little less definitive, however.

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – April 2018

A BIT OF KNOWLEDGE Three tips to make your drill bits last longer. 1. Choose the right bit. A black oxide-coated bit helps reduce friction and increase chip flow, but shouldn’t be used on nonferrous materials. TiN is a titanium nitride with a gold color that can run faster than uncoated bits and increase tool

Equipment Options for Your Business

I’ve worked on lots of equipment that was a LOT older than me, and I can tell you there’s a certain satisfaction in taking the helm of a big, heavy machine that you know will still be working hard long after you’re retired.