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Finding Good Employees

There are very few problems in business today that transcend industry quite like finding good employees. It’s an issue at any office, in any industry, all over the country and even the world. That being said, there are few industries which have struggled to find good employees the way the engine building/rebuilding industry has.

The Motorcycle Engine Market

At its peak, the market was booming with new bikes, ATVs and UTVs flying out the door almost as fast as the dealers could get them in. Nearly 1.8 million powersports units were sold in 2006, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). In 2018, the number of new units sold was down to 661,000.

Top Alcohol Engines

When sportsman drag racer Dean Dubbin couldn’t find protective awnings that met his race team’s needs, he created his own. Similarly, when he needed engines for his Top Alcohol dragster, he turned to a source he could trust – himself.

Performance Engine Tuning

Poorly tuned engines don’t make as much power, period. If the engine responds to something, keep giving it more until it responds negatively.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

From cleaning to machining, engine builders are leaving the hands-on approach behind in favor of more automated methods that are also more friendly to the environment. If you’re looking for a system that works as good as some of your methods, ultrasonic cleaning might be a good choice for your shop.

Shop Solutions – April 2019

Industry tips and tricks

A Fresh Start

April has been a bit of a whirlwind month for Engine Builder magazine and for me in particular.

And the Award Goes To…

As you’ll read on the next page and experience firsthand over the next few months, there have been some exciting changes recently at Babcox Media, Engine Builder’s parent company.

363 cid LS Stroker

Having been in this industry his whole life, Marty Brown II has been laying the ground work to take over his father’s shop, Marty Brown Race Engines, since a very young age. By the time he was 20 he was running the show and helping his dad build engines like this 363 cid LS Stroker. Find out what went into the 1,200-hp build.

440 cid LT1 Engine

Late Model Engines in Houston is powering a lot of the highest horsepower, fastest LT engines in the world. Expecting to be added to that list, a recent customer came to LME with a 2017 Camaro and its LT1 engine. In turn, shop owner Bryan Neelen delivered this rebuilt 440 cid LT1 that will fly down the drag strip and make grocery runs.

369 cid LS-Based Bonneville Engine

To break land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a lot of things need to go your way. Customers Andy Loyd and Gene McFaddin turned to Jim Gray at Venom Racing Engines to build them a Bonneville engine capable of topping 240 mph. Find out why this 369 cid LS engine could be a record setter this summer.