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The 1995 Camaro That Served As The Basis For Project Road Rocket

As noted previously, the 1995 Camaro thatserved as the basis for "Project Road Rocket" receiveda change in rear end gearing and that, in combination with therepair of an exhaust system leak really brought the car to life.Froma best quarter-mile performance of 12.87 at 109.27 miles per hourthe Camaro blasted to a 12.24 at 113.55 miles

Caliper Clinic: Rebuilders Not Only Can Improve An OE Design, But They Can Also Improve The Consumers’ Opinion

Rebuilders not only can improve an OE design,but they can also improve the consumers’ opinion about the rebuiltauto parts business, in general. Many people still believe thatall rebuilt parts are sub-standard compared with original equipmentparts. However, most rebuilders are continually working to improvethe reputation of rebuilt parts by producing quality parts, andby improving deficiencies in

Complete Circuit: The Components That Are The Cause Of Most Starter Failures

If you had to categorize the components thatare the cause of most starter failures, the starter solenoid,without a doubt would be on top of the list. The starter drivemay come in a close second.Some large rebuilders may opt to rebuildtheir starter solenoids in-house or have them built to their specifications,thus having a better handle on

Eis Brake Parts: Consists Of Five Separate Remanufacturing Facilities In The U.S. And Canada

EIS Brake Parts has come a long way since it began as a manufacturerof hydraulic brake hose couplings back in the early 1930s. Todaythe company, which became a division of Standard Motor Productsin 1986, consists of five separate remanufacturing facilitiesin the U.S. and Canada.The facilities are located in Berlin, CT;Ontario, CA; Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; Montreal,

Grinding Techniques: In Thousands Of Years, The Basics Of Grinding Haven’t Changed

Grinding is one of the oldest methods known for shaping and sharpeningobjects. It was first used in prehistoric times to make weaponsand other tools by rubbing wood, stones, bones and eventuallymetal against hard, abrasive rocks. In thousands of years, thebasics of grinding haven’t changed. We’re still rubbing an abrasiveagainst metal to change its shape or

Cv Market Travels Fast Track: Power To The Front Wheels Is The Drive System Of The Present And Future

Although sport utility vehicles, many stillwith rear wheel drive, are the hot sellers right now, few willdispute that power to the front wheels is the drive system ofthe present and future. A market for rebuilt front wheel driveaxles and CV joints will be around for a long, long time. With few exceptions, CV shaft rebuilders

Engine Installation – A Growing Opportunity?

Engine rebuilders who are looking to expand their share of themarket may want to consider engine installations. Although somerebuilders may think installations are better left untouched,others are finding installations provide a profitable niche ina competitive market. Terry O’Donnell, manager of RPM Engines andMachines, Rohnert Park, CA, is just one of many rebuilders inthe industry who