August, 1999 Archives - Engine Builder Magazine
Brake Review 1999: Vibration And Harshness Seem To Have Moved To The Head Of The Issues Line

A year ago, we described the term "application specific" as the buzzword of the aftermarket brake business. It was, and still is an important issue, brought about by the end of the "one friction material fits all" concept and awareness of how brakes perform in different vehicle designs, plus advances in testing methods. While application

Cv Shaft & Rack Review 1999: The Numbers Speak For Themselves

The numbers speak for themselves. The annual replacement market for front-wheel drive axle shafts, all-wheel drive axle shafts and four-wheel drive shafts is estimated to be around 12 million units a year and growing with total sales in excess of $450 million. Within five years, the number of shafts being replaced is predicted to grow

Core Review 199: Talk Continues To Revolve Around Supply And Demand

The usual core supplier issues are all alive and well, and the talk among those in the core business continues to revolve around supply and demand, domestic and import cores, parts proliferation and the like. But this year there is a new concern, that being the involvement of Ford Motor Company and other large players