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Machine Maintenance


Old Iron

When I first started playing with engines, if you had a defective or damaged lifter bore there wasn

Fast Lane

Our final discussion of getting educated in performance machining will take us somewhere all of you are familiar with

Preserving Performance – Helping Engines Keep Their Edge

Preserving performance should be a factor foremost in the mind of any performance engine shop. Taking steps to preserve performance not only preserves or enhances your reputation but it also has the same effect on your bank balance. When a high performance engine starts to lose its edge it can almost always be traced back

YOU can’t afford NOT to buy new equipment, Milt Zall

The big news is the passage of new tax legislation, the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRA). Congressional conferees on May 22 cobbled together a $350 billion economic stimulus package that President Bush signed into law. A major feature of JGTRA for engine builders is an increase in the expensing allowance

Performance Crankshafts, Duane Boes

Across the United States it

Performance Engine Mods