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Engintel: Learning Not To Feel Like A Sucker

I recently encountered an interesting situation that initially had me wondering if all hope for installation and general repair technicians was gone; and that perhaps some of the bum rap that they seem to get may be justified. Instead, I got a healthy meal of "crow" wrapped in a tortilla of humility. Imagine getting a

High Performance Diesels: ‘Black Smoke’ Tractor Pulling Market

If you’re a lover of horsepower, dirt and "black smoke," you may also have a passion for building engines in the thriving diesel tractor pulling market. These engines aren’t just for working in the fields anymore – they’re full blown, smoke billowing, brute force racing machines – and building them can lead to a bountiful

The Shermanator 347: A 530HP Gas Stroker You Can Build

A while ago Engine Builder ran a story on the popularity and basic dos and don’ts of stroker engines ( March 2007 Engine Builder). It received such great response that we are following up with a “real world” stroker engine buildup. In this case, it is an engine combination that is so popular that it

Scratching The Niche

If you have been a reader of this magazine for any length of time, you’ll know that one thing is certain: this isn’t the same industry it was even just a few years ago. Not so long ago, a car or truck that was more than six years old would have been considered a junker,

The 2006 Machine Shop of the Year

Turning 40 used to be a bad thing… On that tragic day, the black balloons, the wacky "Over The Hill" gag gifts and the general air of sympathy that your best years had all come and gone were about the only things you could hope for. That is, if you view 40 as old. But

Green Energy Opportunities to Keep the Internal Combustion Engine Alive and Well!

It is August 2007 and Iowa has the eye of the entire nation. Presidential candidates, their staff and reporters are popping up around the state in numbers that rival the cornstalks standing proudly along every road. With all this political activity, there is no doubt that “Green Energy” is going to be an accelerating trend,