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AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers Responds to Crackdown on Metal Recycling Industry in Las Vegas

Soaring copper prices have mademetal a prime target of local thieves. The issue has created aperplexing problem for recyclers like AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclersin North Las Vegas, which says it is committed to weeding outlegitimate sellers from criminals who indiscriminately steal materials. In light of a police raid on August 13 at a large scale

Head and Block Surfacing Equipment Update

How smooth is smooth enough? You used to be able to tell by dragging your fingernail across the surface of a cylinder head or engine block. And besides, it didn’t really matter because the composite head gasket would fill any gaps that your equipment or technique left behind. But with MLS gaskets the requirements have

Diesel Performance: Just Blowing Smoke or a Real Profit Opportunity?

Traditionally, diesel engines are known for their long life, fuel economy, and efficiency in getting large loads from place to place. Diesel engines equal gasoline engines in horsepower per cubic inch, they have double the torque of gasoline engines, and they can achieve up to 40 percent better fuel economy, making them ideal for use

The Inside Angle on Valve Seats: What you need to know to go with the flow

No one knows airflow better than the legendary Joe Mondello, who rose to fame back in the 1960s for his race-winning cylinder head work. “Back in those days, we didn’t have flow benches to test our work. Our test bench was the drag strip. If a modification worked and made the car run faster, that’s

Machine Maintenance: Sustaining Your Crew Includes Your Best Friend

Over the past few years, I’ve been writing about proper maintenance of the machines in your shop. This month, I plan to talk about maintaining something that’s not necessarily essential to your shop but if you have one, its value can’t be underestimated. You guessed it; this article will be about the maintenance of your

Fueling the Need for Performance Fuel Systems

Consider this – a high 10 second drag car will burn up one gallon of gasoline in 25 seconds or less, but a car that can run a 7 second E.T. will burn the same amount of fuel in half the time. The physics involved with fuel flow to create horsepower is difficult for even