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Coating For Performance

In today’s performance driven, engine building world, everyone wants to squeeze out another few horsepower, deliver more torque, create less friction, wear and heat, and ultimately, make the engine last longer. How do you all of that you ask? Parts coatings.

Shop Solutions – August 2019

Industry Tips and Tricks

The Salt Makes Me Thirsty

Speed Week this year is August 10-16, 2019. The date evokes a little anxiety for me…as I examine the “to do” list for both land speed cars, car carriers, tools, equipment and spare parts; I reflect back on the previous years that we have been running at Bonneville.

Who Doesn’t Love a Little Recognition?

In my opinion, there are only a small handful of feelings greater than that of being recognized for good, hard work. In my time at Engine Builder magazine, I’ve seen few people who are more passionate, harder working and more deserving of getting overdue recognition than the engine builders around this country.

Diesel Oil Relationship Status

If you thought dating was difficult, with sorting through all of those online profiles, and swiping left or right to find a match before even going out on the first date; try to spec out a new oil to see what is difficult.

The Dirt on Demolition Derby Engines

Fair food, warm summer nights and the roar of engines firing up can only mean one thing – it is demolition derby season. The days of going to the junkyard and picking up a beater, knocking the windows out, and heading down to the derby are long gone. Now are the days of 400+ horsepower engines, custom drivetrains, cradles, and reinforced cars with solid steel “pointy” bumpers.

Setting Up an Instagram Account

The old saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Well, in the world of social media, that same picture is not just worth 1,000 words, but could also be worth thousands of dollars in new business for your engine shop. By now you’ve likely seen our features on setting up and utilizing Facebook for your business. Next on our ‘to-do list’ is an introduction to Instagram for those of you who haven’t started utilizing this social media platform.

The Potential in Differential

Is growth part of your business strategy? It comes in a lot of different forms, but when it’s adding a new service offering or product for your customers, it can be nerve-racking at the very least. The additional investment in tools, equipment, training or people weighed against the unknown outcome leaves you holding all the risk, unless there is something that’s a perfect fit.

Keeping an Eye on Cooling Systems

We all know the internal combustion engine (ICE) is going through a metamorphosis these days as the OEMs carefully scrutinize and squeeze every component for maximum efficiency.

Video: Engine of the Week – 433 cid Ford Dirt Late Model

In this episode of Engine of the Week, sponsored by PennGrade and Elring, we dive into the details of a Ford dirt late model engine built by Jack Cornett of Cornett Racing Engines in Somerset, KY.