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Shop Solutions – March 2019

PARTICLE TRAY Looking for a way to make cleanup easier – or even unnecessary? In my hone, I keep a large cookie tray under the block I am processing. This creates a settling pond for most of the material that is removed during the honing process. Without the cookie tray, most of the heavy material

Engine Builder Interactive Buyers Guide Updated for 2019

Looking for a supplier for almost any engine part? Need to track down a key piece of equipment? The 2019 Engine Builders Buyers Guide is now available online, exclusively at Free to use, simple to navigate and available 24/7/365 – it’s your single source for contact information for suppliers of parts, equipment and services

Building Relationships Key to Building Business

Answer honestly – do you REALLY spend enough time making sure that you’re getting something out of your business other than a paycheck? Not in a new-age, warm-and-fuzzy “love your job and you’ll never work a day in your lfe” way, but in a way that satisfies your inner definition of success.

Schumann’s Puts Wet Sump Oil Pump Program Up for Sale

Verne Schumann has been around racing since the mid-‘50s. He knows a thing or two about the industry and so does his business, Schumann’s Sales & Service, Inc., an engine parts supplier located in Blue Grass, IA, which Verne founded in 1970. Now, nearly 45 years later, Verne and his wife are beginning to ponder

Simply the Best

In the world of competitive eating, Joey Chestnut stands recognized as the champion hot dog consumer – last July, he set the world record by wolfing down 69 Nathan’s dogs in 10 minutes. Eric “Mean” Melin is the reigning World Air Guitar champion as he out-pretended all other pretend guitarists last year in Oulu, Finland.

Choosing the ‘Right’ Oil

Every engine builder knows the importance of using not only high-quality motor oil in an engine, but also an oil that has the right additive package and viscosity for the application. This is especially important in performance applications where extremes of heat and pressure can push many ordinary motor oils to the brink. Motor oil

History in the Making: 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

I enjoy history. And I’m guessing that those in the engine performance and rebuilding industry like you have an affinity toward history as well. It could be why many of you are in the business of bringing back to life engines that have accumulated miles of roadway travel on family vacations, or set records on

Building on Cummins B-Series

Changes from the 5.9L to the 6.7L Engine When you think about a Dodge truck, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I will give you a hint: Cummins. Dodge introduced the B-series Cummins engine in the Dodge truck in 1989. It’s not like they had to convince consumers that the Cummins engine

Performance Rocker Arms

Pushrod engines new and old are still a hot topic. Overhead cams have been used in many European and Asian engines for years, so when Ford opted to go the overhead cam route with their 4.6L V8 engine, some predicted pushrod ­engines were on their way out. But, GM stuck with the pushrod design for

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: September 2013

Authors of Shop Solutions published in each issue of Engine Builder Magazine are awarded a prepaid $100 Visa gift card. Shop Solutions may also be submitted to [email protected]. Cylinder Sleeve Flange Failures May Go Unnoticed Cylinder sleeve flange failures may go unnoticed if the sleeve body stays in position, but if it is pulled down

Future of Engine Building: Industry Forecast

The more things change, the more they stay the same As we entered into the new millennium, the industry had an optimistic, yet cautious outlook as to what the future held for the production engine remanufacturers and custom engine rebuilders. When we asked various industry insiders this month to look into their crystal spheres, past

Future of Engine Building: Converting the Masses

Rebuilding Diesel Engines to Run on Natural Gas Engine builders often get requests to convert a stock engine into a performance powerplant. Or to take a modest diesel tractor engine rated at 2,200 horsepower and transform it into a smoke-bellowing pulling machine at 6,000 horsepower. However, in our third installment on the future of engine