December, 1997 Archives - Engine Builder Magazine
Building Horsepower Through Dyno Testing

Pick up a copy of any racing-oriented automotive publication andas you thumb through its pages you’ll notice a smorgasbord ofads from engine builders. Most of them will have an assortmentof horsepower figures large enough to rival the national debt. Of course, all the numbers are suspect because, in most cases,they were obtained on the advertisers’

1997 Shop Kinks

Machine shops and custom engine rebuilders are, and always havebeen, a resourceful group. Our industry was founded on the principalof bringing component parts from a condition of disrepair to onethat offers equivalent performance to that of a new part. Rebuilt engines offer cost savings and performance benefits thatcan not be found with any other products,

Waste Minimization: Ways To Reduce, And Even Eliminate, Hazardous Wastes From Your Cleaning Process

Managing your shop’s wastes shouldn’t be hazardous to your business.Although there is a lot involved with managing wastes from cleaningoperations including operating costs to disposal requirements,the good news for rebuilders is that there are ways to reduce,and even eliminate, hazardous wastes from your cleaning process. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), materialsand wastes of