December, 1998 Archives - Engine Builder Magazine
Pistons & Rings: Changes That Are Designed To Reduce Emissions And Extend Durability

With each new generation of engines come changes that are designed to reduce emissions and extend durability. Key among these have been changes in piston and ring materials. Most vehicle manufacturers today are building passenger car engines that, with proper maintenance (regular oil changes), are capable of going well over 100,000 miles

Rebuilding Hot Rod Honda Engines

Traditionally, hot rodding has been as American as apple pie, baseball, hot dogs and Chevrolet. Certainly, imported vehicles have been "hopped up," but serious hot rodding has always been dominated by enthusiasts who believe that engines have eight cylinders, pushrods and 16 valves. For the past 40 years, machine shops catering to devotees of high

Finding Your Break Even Point

Why should you care what your business’ break-even point is? What purpose does it serve to know what it is? More specifically, how do you determine which of your business costs are fixed and which are variable? What costs affect your break-even point the most? How often should this information be calculated? How do you

Preventing EME

Automotive engines have undergone serious changes in the past few years as they have become lighter and far more powerful. These changes can have significant impact on the cores rebuilders receive for rebuilding. In search of lighter engine components, casting technology which was considered "thin wall casting" in the