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Do You Know What You Are Missing In Business?

Complacency is the "kiss of death" for a business owner. Some business owners have an innate unwillingness to change or to try something new, but the successful business owner wants to know everything about his business. He never says, "Well, that just isn

Finding Information is as Useful as Knowing How to Use It

I want to talk about the most precious asset in the shop. It is the glue behind the bricks and mortar that will make your business the one your customers choose to solve problems. It will allow you to have a return on your investment of people and equipment. What we are talking about is

Can a Corvette perform even better? You bet it can!

The 1998 Corvette looks fast, sounds fast and is a downright great performance car

Porting For Performance The Science of Horsepower

Air flow makes horsepower. The more cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air that flows through the intake ports and into the combustion chambers, the more horsepower the engine makes. A larger carburetor or throttle body, bigger valves, a high-lift, long-duration camshaft, three-angle valve job and exhaust headers are all performance enhancements that increase airflow

Getting The Job Done


Dirt Track Dollars In the Shop and On the Track With Malcuit Racing Engines

It’s sometimes said that racers have motor oil or high octane racing fuel in their blood. Fearless drivers are accused of having ice-water running through their veins. For Strasburg, OH’s Brad Malcuit, the most likely ingredient pumping through his bloodstream is dirt, a fact he’ll happily attribute to family heritage. Malcuit is owner of Malcuit’s