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PERA’s Core Corner

One of my favorite things is to start the day with a simple inquiry from a PERA member. Not long ago I had one such day and the question was, "Will cylinder head casting number 24507487 interchange for 10218170 on a 3.4L Chevrolet engine application? Our cylinder head department has compared the two and they

The Future Of Boring Is Exciting

Boring out cylinders to accept oversized pistons or sleeves has long been a common practice in the engine rebuilding business. Boring allows worn blocks to be salvaged, and stock cylinder bores to be enlarged for more displacement. More recently, boring is also being used to install special cylinder liners with hard surface treatments in high

Era Of Aluminum: Late-Model OHC Head Rebuilds

Over the last few years, manufacturers have abandoned cast iron heads in passenger cars and light trucks. Cast iron is heavy and the more radical, lighter, aluminum overhead cam (OHC) designs are the challenges and opportunities facing today

Let It Snow: Winter White Stuff Can Bring Green To Engine Builders

According to popular legend, the Eskimo language has anywhere from 10 to 50 different words for "snow." To someone from Phoenix or Albuquerque, perhaps this seems like a big deal. To someone in Minneapolis, Cleveland or Buffalo, the list of English words to describe winter weather is even greater