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Ford Engine Rebuilding Technical Guide

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Machining & Engine Parts Tech Guide

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Crate Racing Engines – Thinking Outside The Box

For many performance engine builders, the end of the year may be much busier than expected. While there is no racing going on in most parts of the country, there’s still plenty of preparation for next year. No doubt, some engine builder haven’t been able to keep racing off their minds lately – even while

Stovebolt Chevy Engine Sealing

Machine shop staff tend to forget their capabilities. They get into a groove that works and then resist change. This not only precludes improvement, but fails to address problems with new solutions that actually work. Case in point: Leaking rear main seals on vintage engines with rope seals. The Stovebolt Chevys (inline sixes – 235

Valve Seat Technology For Stock and Performance Applications

Valve seats are a critical engine component because they are the foundation of the valvetrain. The seats provide a surface for the valves to seal against when they close so there’s no loss of compression or pressure from the combustion chamber. The seats also help cool the valves by conducting heat away from valves into

Internet Marketing Opportunities Exist – Are Engine Builders Online?

Twenty years ago, the idea of doing business through your computer wasunheard of. Sure shops HAD computers…and some of them even turned themon once in a while and used them for printing work orders or perhapseven a printed reminder card to a customer now and then.Ten years ago, the internet was booming. You could buy