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Diesel Enthusiasm Often Tempered By Fear of the Unknown

Most automotive guys understand the principles of an internal combustion engine. Whether it is gasoline or diesel these are fuel, fire, and compression! Without one of these ingredients, the internal combustion engine will not function. So what is it about diesel engine rebuilding that makes automotive guys so nervous? This basically comes down to what

Crankshafts and Bearings for Street Performance and Racing

Most engine builders have strong opinions and brand preferences when it comes to choosing a crankshaft and bearing combination for a performance engine application. Their preferences (and prejudices) are usually based on years of experience, both good and bad. Many subscribe to the philosophy that “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” Consequently, if they

Balance of Power

Everyone is looking for balance in their lives – balance between work and family, between responsibility and recreation, between give and take. Too much of one at the expense of the other can lead to dire consequences. The same thing can be said about the engines you rebuild. Balance between the crankshaft and its related

Cleaning: Different Methods for Different Needs

Back in the late 1800s, the director of the U.S. Patent Office was said to remark “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell, U.S. Patent Commissioner in 1899 reportedly told the President of the United States that there was no more innovation and, therefore, no more need for the patent office. Except

Today’s Niche Market Engine Opportunities

As we reported in our 2009 Machine Shop Market Profile, the total number of engines built is down, however, savvy engine builders know that finding the right niche markets can make the difference between success and failure of their business. With OEMs making engines that last well into the 200,000-mile range it’s no wonder rebuilders