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Building a Champion

We recently added three new members to the Engine Builders of the Year Hall of Fame during a reception prior to the 2017 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indianapolis.

How Did We Get Here?

Today, I am going to take you on a journey back in time to see what started this whole industry of rebuilding engines and what events made us who we are for what we do today.

An In-Depth Look at Crankshafts

In every aspect of an engine, strength is a very critical factor in the life span and performance level that it can achieve. One place in particular where strength is the most important consideration is the crankshaft.

Getting Aboard with Inboard Marine Engines

Marine engine building is a niche market that is much smaller than the automotive market, but it can also be a very lucrative business for those with the know-how and experience.

Buying Behavior – Who Buys What and How

With more vehicles on the road, more engine configurations under hoods and more parts on the shelves, the process of getting engine parts from manufacturer to end user has never been more complicated.

Engine Oil Changes and Innovations

It’s always helpful at the end of each year to reflect on what’s been accomplished and where we think our industry is headed. I think we should do this for the three types of oils you Engine Builder readers typically encounter.

Matt Dickmeyer Crowned 2017 Race Engine Builder of the Year

Whatever Matt Dickmeyer is doing as the owner of Dickmeyer Automotive Engineering in South Whitley, IN, it’s been working. Matt was recently named the 2017 Race Engine Builder of the Year by Engine Builder magazine and contest sponsor Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets and Speed-Pro brands.

The Go Kart Craze

The first ever “go kart” was built by Art Ingeles in late 1956. Art, who would later be referred to as the father of “karting,” was a veteran hot rodder who spent his days working for Kurtis Craft. Yep, the same Kurtis Craft of Indy car fame.

Shop Solutions – December 2017

It can be much easier to install and remove spark plugs, when space is tight due to header configuration by notching out one section of a spark plug socket. This will allow for a better angle, and you can still use the hex head rather than a ratchet drive.

The Parts Sale Awakens

I have proposed five sales strategies based on successful businesses. But even these distant outposts have had to adjust to the new cyber-marketplace today.