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Performance Marine Engines – Meeting Customer Expectations

Life is a series of compromises. Human relations almost alwaysinvolves compromises of some sort. You want Chinese for dinner,she wants Italian; something has to give. Even if you go yourseparate ways, it’s a compromise and a decision to not dine together. Believe it or not, it’s the same with machinery. Any exercisein design is a

Why Parts Get Coated

I never would have believed you could get those kind of resultsfrom a glorified paint job. With those words, another skeptic(in this case, a NASCAR Winston Cup engine builder) had come toaccept the value of special coatings applied to engine components. At the time, such skepticism was not totally unwarranted. Likeany emerging technology, the coating

Desert Engine Reman Expands in the West

Since the early years of the United States, the West has alwaysprovided young pioneers a chance at adventure and the freedomto expand our nation. For Jonathan Smith, president of the ProductionEngine Remanufacturers Association (PERA), the passion for expansionfound in the hearts of those heading west is also a key elementin operating his own successful business.