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How To Eat an Elephant

Over the past 13 years, readers of this magazine have come to expect creativity, innovation and a healthy “gee whiz” factor from the annual Machine Shop of the Year Award winners. From technical expertise to absolute professionalism, the winners of this prestigious award have been great representatives of this industry. New last year at MMM&P

Fast Lane, Is Diversification Your Key To Performance Profits?

In past “Fast Lane” columns I have talked about how important it is for a shop to start slowly when entering the high performance and motorsports field. Starting slowly would mean starting with just one type of engine, or racing “class” or organization, so that you can become very good at what you do. To

Machine Maintenance: Get Your Head Together – And Apart!

The C-frame style of valve spring compressor has become the preferred tool for disassembly and re-assembly of the standard applications like Chevy and Ford. These compressors work with air and a special jaw presses on the retainer, allowing you to remove the keepers quickly and safely. There are also manual versions of the C-frame compressor

Cutting Edge Tooling – Superabrasives in the Shop

The need for faster production speeds and higher quality surface finishes has made superabrasives almost mandatory for most resurfacing, honing and grinding operations. What makes these materials so indispensable for engine building today? Their superior hardness is a major factor because it provides outstanding tool life that far exceeds conventional abrasives. A set of metal

Performance Cam Revolution – Valvetrain Advances Give More Power to the People

When selecting a performance camshaft, everything in the engine must be considered because change one thing and something else is affected. One cam supplier said that advances seem to happen daily, so it is important to stay abreast of the latest trends. The basic function of the camshaft is to open and close the valves

Performance Cylinder Sleeves

In the performance segment of the automotive aftermarket, young enthusiasts often think only the latest is great enough for their vehicle. Thanks to the prevalence of computerized engine management systems, some might believe that high-tech guarantees high horsepower. Yesterday’s technology? No way will it find success on the street or strip. However, engine builders know

February 2006 Tech Solutions Guide

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