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Fast Lane: New Markets Could Give Your Business Hope For Survival

[email protected] Although some automotive machine shop owners believe that – with engine life measured in six figures – the good days are over, the shops that continuously seek out new markets that parallel their talents and abilities will continue to survive. Those shops willing to invest the time and effort to find those markets will

Engine Builders: Pistons and Rings – Hypereutectic, Valve, Installation

Though pistons can often be salvaged when remanufacturing an engine, sometimes they have to be replaced. The original pistons may have worn or damaged ring grooves, wrist pins or skirts, or they may have cracks. New pistons may also be necessary if the cylinders have too much taper wear and the block has to be

Building Hot Rods & Muscle Car Engines

Sometimes the best opportunities are cleverly hidden in plain view. As one example, when Chris Lafferty of Lafferty Engine Creations was asked why he opted to expand beyond race engines into the hot rod and muscle car arenas, he snorted, “Just look outside.” His North Carolina facility sits squarely in the middle of both NASCAR

Blasting Equipment & Media

In today’s society, finding “the next big thing” seems to be all the rage. We no longer want to do things the same way and seem to keep asking “what’s the latest and greatest?” High technology and computerization have made many tedious everyday tasks a breeze, from communication to entertaining to operating your business. But

Balancing Equipment: Weighing the Options

Engine balancing is an important part of the process of building a performance engine today. In order to achieve the maximum performance and long component life, all rotating and reciprocal parts of an engine must be precision balanced. To properly balance an engine requires specialized equipment to measure the amount of unbalance and to locate