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Stroker Tips from the Pros

Engine Builder’s Stroker Motor Resource Guide has become an annual feature. Last year this publication ran an introductory story about increasing your business with the growing demand for stroker engines. It was focused on popular O.E. and aftermarket-based engine combinations, and covered the basic dos and don’ts of building a stroker motor. We are fully

Alcohol: It

Article by Norm Brandes and Keith McCord  Ethanol, or moonshine whiskey has been used as either fuel or liquor since the mid-15th century. The very first patented internal combustion engine was invented by Samuel Morey back in 1826 and ran on a mixture of ethanol, alcohol and turpentine. Fast forward to 1861 where German inventor

CNC Machining: Making Dollars and Sense

"For the first time, we saw people who weren’t overwhelmed by the concept of CNC machines,” Matt Meyer said about the recent PRI trade show. “This was the first year that most people really seemed to know what they were looking at and understood that CNC machines are a viable part of the automotive machine

What’s Hot in the Street Rod Engine Market

If there was any year that street rod engines would equate to the old days of the Wild West it’s 2008.

Intake Manifolds, Fuel Injected Engines, Carburetors

An intake manifold is more than the plumbing that connects the carburetor or throttle body to the ports in the cylinder head. It is an integral part of the induction system that has to match the airflow characteristics of the cylinder head and camshaft, as well as the displacement and rpm range of the engine.

Performance Oils and Additives: Got Zinc?

How do you choose the right oil for your racing or performance engine application? While you don’t have to be a chemist to know there are differences in oil formulations, these variations can be as broad as the type of oil, or as specific as the additive package that is used. Your father’s motor oil

Tech Solutions Guide

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