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2009 Engine Builder Tech Solutions Guide

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New NASCAR Engines Make Media Debut In Charlotte

I recently attended the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Lowe’s Motor Speedway spending the better part of a week seeing what and who are new for the upcoming racing season. For we writers who are actually gearheads, the highlight was Ford’s new motor, the FR9. It’s already received the green flag from NASCAR and

Aftermarket Block Update: Engine Builders Have More Options Than Ever

That’s becoming more and more of a challenge in recent years because good cores for popular domestic engines are getting harder and harder to find as time goes on. That’s one reason why the demand for aftermarket engine blocks has grown in recent years.

Engine Dress Up

Engine dress up parts are like the proverbial chicken or the egg question. Did the shiny new pieces come about to enhance a stock engine? After all, pioneer hot rodders weren’t able to go to their local car part shop and pick up chrome goodies. Or did the parts evolve with the advent of modified

Piston Options and Opportunities

The sport compact market, it was thought, was going to breathe new life into the performance engine market, and  for many years, the rapid growth of the market seemed to indicate that there was no limit to how big those little engines could get. Then something happened: to quote Engine Builder columnist and performance expert

Chasing the Restoration Engine Market

We’ve all heard the stories and urban legends about old classic cars being found in someone’s garage or estate. Typically, the story goes, the owner just passed away, and his widow had no idea what was in the barn. Sounds too good to be true but it happens. One such story that recently grabbed headlines