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2013 Engine Builder Tech Solutions Guide

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Custom Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

As an engine builder, you get to decide what parts go into the engines you build. If you’re rebuilding a stock engine to stock specifications, you’re probably going to use a reconditioned stock crankshaft and connecting rods to keep costs down. There’s no reason to upgrade these parts because they should be adequate for the

Restoration Engine Market Update

The resto market can be a good source of extra business or a solid specialization option You might joke that the restoration engine marketplace is a “dependable” business niche. Trying to get a handle on its size, shape and character depends on with whom you talk and what they consider a vintage car to be.

Q&A With Dirt Late Model Engine Builders

Fact: There are more than 700 dirt tracks in this country and a vast number of them have some type of a Dirt Late Model (DLM) series. Some even have multiple DLM classes.   In addition, there are dozens of traveling series headed by the top-gun Lucas and World of Outlaw groups. They support a

Matching Pistons And Rings

Whether you are rebuilding a high-mileage engine or building a fresh engine from scratch, matching the pistons and rings to each other and the application is essential for a successful outcome. Rings are a wear component that are usually replaced during a rebuild. The pistons may be reused if they are not damaged, cracked or

What’s on the Dyno?

Brad Lagman and his crew at Chatsworth, CA-based QMP Racing Engines (qmpracing.com) get to build engines for some pretty cool toys all day long, but this one may be one of the more unique builds they have ever done. The engine will be dropped in a buggy that runs on sand and kicks giant roostertails

Buying Parts In A Storm

Business signs are still unclear as we daily set forth on an uncertain journey. Business can be complex. And if you are the boss, your world becomes even more complex. We are each responsible for what we do or don’t do and we can only really control ourselves and our own actions. You know things

Engine Builder Shop Solutions: February 2013

5 Tips For a Manual Milling Machine Editor’s Note: A manual milling machine is typically at the heart of every machine shop. In the following, Jim Kovach gives some useful tips on how to get the most from your mill. 1. Always use a high-quality machinist’s square on the mill. You will be surprised how