February 2019 Archives - Engine Builder Magazine
Rebuilding the Chevy 262 Engine

Every year, Engine Builder magazine surveys its readers to ask how much you charge for various rebuilding and machining operations for different engines. This Labor Costing Study provides a look at national and regional average labor charges for rebuilding the 4.3L V6 also known colloquially as the Chevy 262.

The Race Engine Challenge Winning Small Block Ford

Greg Brown of Hammerhead Performance Engines knew he was going to build a small block Ford to compete in the Race Engine Challenge, and it would feature his specially designed Hemi heads.

Pistons & Rings Update

While piston materials and designs have evolved over the years to compensate for higher pressures and heat expansion, selecting a piston that is optimized for combustion chamber conditions can be challenging because there are so many variables to consider.

Submit Your Editorial Ideas

Every year I ask my team of writers – both in-house editors here in Akron, OH, as well as our contributors across the country – what topics we should be covering in our next year’s editorial package. This year, I’d like to expand the opportunity to you, the readers to influence the articles in our August 2019 issue. It’s your turn to take over the pages of Engine Builder magazine.

Shop Solutions February 2019

Instead of having my blocks all over the floor and having to use a two-wheeler all the time to move them around, I use small square moving dollies. Every block goes onto a dolley and effort goes way down.

Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Enough convincing you that this is a good idea. If you haven’t grasped the value of Facebook by now, it’s truly your loss. For those who want to see what a Facebook page can do for your shop, or learn better tips on how to grab the attention of potential customers, keep reading.

Have You Ever Had a Fantasy?

Be watching in mid-March for the launch of the 2019 Engine Builder Fantasy Engine Build. You will be able to pick from several build platforms (domestic performance, performance diesel and import) and then from over a dozen different product/parts categories to build your dream motor.

Endurance Race Engine Market

Whether the race is based on time (24 hours, 12 hours, 6 hours) or distance (500 miles, 1000 kilometers), endurance racing events remain a unique challenge in motorsports. It is the ultimate test of man and machine, with engine durability playing a substantial role.