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Newer OBD-II Blocks Require Much More Attention To Proper Honing Procedures

Smoother finishes, tighter tolerances mean stricter standards and processes Want to guarantee a comeback? When you are honing the cylinders on a late model engine, use the hardest cutting stones you have. Run the hone as fast as you can so you finish the job quickly. Working hard and fast generates a lot of heat

Playing Hardball With Software: What Every Rebuilder Should Know About Shop Management Software

Even the most resistant rebuilder will find computers and shop management software hard to avoid. Gone are the days of the leather-bound ledger and stray notebook pages. If shop owners want to increase efficiency, maintain a well-organized business and stay competitive, they

Some Like It Hot: What Shop Supply Businesses Are Selling In the New Millennium

Like the rest of the automotive aftermarket, the shop supply business has seen many changes in recent years and expects to see many more in the future. The shop supply business has become more competitive, and, like many businesses associated with the automotive aftermarket, the term "flattened" keeps coming up. Could the new millennium breathe

We Must Provide A Diversity Of Experts Who Deliver Technical, Marketing And Management Information

Through the contributions of your peers, Automotive Rebuilder has been able to provide much of that information Many times when attending industry events, I

ECU Affect on Rebuilt Engines: Knowing the Basics Can Prevent Costly Comebacks

When a customer purchases a rebuilt engine they expect to get many miles from their investment. But there are many things which must be done right to assure that this happens. One area that is increasingly important in this regard pertains to the engine

Understanding Today’s Machine Coolants

Many types of grinding and honing operations require the use of a "process fluid" for cooling and lubrication. Remanufacturing procedures such as crankshaft grinding and surface grinding generate a tremendous amount of heat and require a fluid primarily for cooling. Heat control is absolutely essential for a good finish and accurate tolerances. Use of a

TIG Welding Aluminum

The last thing you want to find when rebuilding a cylinder head is a crack. Yet cracks are common in many of today