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Using Your Next Best Marketing Tool

If you look at anyone you know under the age of about 30, just take a look at your kids, their lives are in the palm of their hands in the shape of a cell phone. Most use it for all their communications these days, including email, texting and Internet, particularly with the smart phones

Cylinder Sleeve Installation Procedures

Dry sleeves have long been used to repair damaged and worn cast iron and aluminum engine blocks.  If a cylinder has excessive taper wear, or is cracked, scored or otherwise damaged, boring out the damaged cylinder and installing a repair sleeve can often save the block.  Likewise, if all of the cylinders are heavily worn,

Understanding Today

Metallurgy is one of the oldest sciences in the world – it’s a history that can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization. It’s hard to believe that in the thousands of years since the discovery of gold and silver there have only been 84 new metals discovered. In fact, when the automobile was

High Performance Diesel Market Includes?Growing Number of Parts

In many cases, the diesel engine is taking over the hot rod world. Instead of a small block or big block Chevy in the classic cruiser, people are looking at the Duramax diesel. The same goes for the Ford engines being replaced by the Powerstroke and the Dodge being substituted with the Cummins. The desire

Sprint Car Piston Design and Other Topics Discussed at the 21st AETC

People always ask what I get out of going to AETC? The simple 30 second elevator answer is you take the smartest people you know, or have ever met, and throw them all in a room together for three days and see what comes out of it. It usually doesn’t disappoint. As expected, a lot

Selecting The Right High Performance Rocker Arms

The rocker arms in a pushrod engine serve two purposes. The rockers serve as fulcrums to redirect the upward motion of the lifters and pushrods into downward motion to open the valves. The lift ratio of the rockers also serves to multiply the amount of valve lift generated by the cam lobes. Stock rocker arms

Sportsman Drag Racing Engine Rules

Dragracing – lining up next to the other guy and seeing who’s got the beststuff – remains an incredibly popular sport, for both spectators andparticipants. Although multi-lap circle track and road racingcompetition may have received the lion’s share of media attention overthe past several years, mashing the throttle and driving to the finishline is good

Boring and Honing Tips and Tricks

One of the goals of boring and honing cylinders is to size the bores to a specific dimension. If an engine is being remanufactured to meet specific criteria, that usually means boring and honing to achieve a standard oversize (.010?, .020? or .030?).  The oversize will depend on the thickness of the casting, how much

Cultivating Diesel Success Using Unconventional Approaches

While most of Osborne’s customers never even come through the Liverpool, NY shop’s door, their continued patronage has pushed Syracuse Crank to record sales figures over the past few years, he says. “We were at 31 percent growth last year over the year before, and the year before last we were 26 percent higher.  Our